3 Of The Best Budget Laptops Under $500 In 2019

There are many things to keep in check when it comes to buying a new laptop. Specifications are very important like the CPU speed, graphics card, memory, and many other technical features regarding the performance of the laptop.

Other key aspects are features and design. While people can agree that those are all important things to determine, the first thing that you should look at is your budget. Having said that, here are some of the best laptops that you can buy around and under $500.

  1. Dell Inspiron 3580

This laptop is the front-runner amongst any laptop from this list. It showcases all the new and latest hardware available inside. Also, it has a very sleek design which gives it a fresh look compared with some of the older version of Dell laptops.


  1. Acer Aspire 5

For people who have a budget of around 500 Dollars, this is the best laptop that you can buy for that price. Besides having the latest processor, it also boasts a great amount of RAM along with 256 GB of SSD. Moreover, it also comes with a backlit keyboard, fingerprint scanners, and many other essentials that you would enjoy.


  1. HP Pavilion 15t

If you prefer touchscreen laptops, this HP Pavilion 15t is the best choice for you. This laptop goes with 4 GB of RAM and 1 TB of HDD. The battery life is also decent and will last around 6 hours on a single charge.

All of these laptops are surely great for simple multitasking and work use. However, their main differences can be seen on how well they perform on a more advanced and exhausting task like video editing, gaming, photo editing, DJing, and many more. So, if you’re looking for the best laptops for Serato DJ software, you can always check the minimum system requirements before buying a laptop.

Marvel Contest Of Champions – Know How To Access For Free

If you are interested in enjoying the action content then you can access Marvel Contest Of Champions. It provides lots of entertainment and enjoyment to the players. On the basis of such factors, the interested ones can spend their free time with ease. The use of mcoc hack online helps in avoiding some basic barriers from the path of getting success. In case you want to get introduced to some features of it then check out following details.

Enjoy with friends

The game is providing some impressive features by which the interested ones can enjoy it with friends. The players are capable of forming teams with friends as the alliances. With the help of alliances you can take part in specific events and challenge others. All these things are providing fun and various opportunities for gathering essentials.

Build own team

For facing the opponents and completing the challenges, the interested ones are required to form a specific team. In order to build a strong team, the interested ones are required to check out various elements. The players should try to unlock different types of characters for the team. It helps them in making numerous factors easier. On the basis of such things, you can build a strong and undefeated team with ease.

Battle and quests

While playing it, everyone needs to take part in numerous battles. It does not an easy task to win all battles quickly. For such a task, the players should have a good team. If we talk about the quests then these ones are specific challenges. By completing the quests, you are able to receive a good amount of essentials as rewards.

For enjoying the game and avoiding barriers, you can avail services of mcoc hack online. With it, there are several other features available that can help you in getting a better experience.

What Are The 3 Ways To Create A Stylish Magazine Layout In Affinity Publisher?

If you are using affinity publisher for your magazine, then make sure that your magazine looks simple and attractive. It is not necessary that you need to add a lot of stuff on your magazine just make sure that the title of the magazine is catchy. Also, add quality content, fun zone, games, jokes, latest news in the magazine but make sure that all these stuff is fresh. You can also write your personal experience and reviews of bloggers on to the magazine. If you are interested in getting more different layouts and for creating stylish magazines in affinity publisher then you can also consider as here, you will get all the latest and trending ideas.

3 ways to create a stylish magazine layout in affinity publisher:

In the lower section, you will be going to read the 3 ways to create a stylish magazine layout in affinity publisher such as:

  1. Firstly it is important for you to access some basics of a computer for using creating a magazine in affinity publisher as go to file and click on new option then, side by side you will see the option of print, click on that and select letters and go to reset menu.
  2. After that reset the page according to your interest, as if you want to accommodate the page from the right side then click on it and if you want to edit the page font, then you can also do this.
  3. You can also change the format of the page and consider margins so that your front page will look attractive and different.

If you keep all the above-mentioned ways in your mind, then it will help you to create a stylish magazine layout in affinity publisher.

Tips For Getting Free Gems In Brawl Stars Yet Without Human Verification & Survey

Gems are one of the most coveted currencies for Brawl Stars players. They are fantastic to get tokens, coins, brawl boxes as well as Brawlers skins. One way to get the gems is to buy them with real money. But that’s a pricey venture anyday. Another way is to get them for free by participating in surveys. But then again, who has time to fill up questions one by one. Now, there are some sites that offer free gems but they force you to go through lengthy human verification. And that’s annoying no doubt.

However, don’t worry, you can still get free gems in Brawl Stars yet without human verification & survey.

Free hack sites online

Go for sites that offer online hack tools. You will find them in several languages like brawl stars hack deutsch. These sites will let you generate gems the moment you visit the site. All you will have to do is to sign up with the site and create your account. You won’t need to download anything or go for any kind of human verification. You won’t even be bombarded with multiple questions. You will be able to generate gems right after you log in to the site.

Just make sure that the hack site is able to resist the anti-hack mechanism deployed by Brawl Stars as otherwise you will get caught. Also don’t unlock a massive number of gems in one single day.

Play more

You will be able to unlock gems for free by opening boxes while playing the game. Big boxes can offer up till 15 gems while the normal ones can offer you around 5. Yes, it takes a good deal of effort to open boxes and you will have to play a lot more. You can consult with veteran players for tips and suggestions for opening boxes with gems.

The Most Overpowered Character In The Game Of Marvel Contest Of Champions

Well, there are some great characters in the game who have their own unique ability and tend to be powerful in their own ways. Here, are some that are mentioned below:

  • Vision: he has a great ability that burns and this burn dmg scale with the opponent tends to be even greater.
  • Gamorra: her one hit and two hits tend to be quite damaging.
  • Iron Man: he is considered to have a great HP and also an increased armor when hit.

Marvel Contest of Champions is gameplay that features a simple fight mechanism. This makes it easier for even the beginners in the game. This game is being created for users who love fights and action. This application is located in the universe of Marvel and it includes the elements of RPG.

A little more in-depth about the gameplay:

In this game, the players need to have to participate in a tournament. The game characters are kidnapped and they are closed in the magic crystals. When it comes to playing the game, all the players need to do is touch the left or right side of the screen in order to perform the offensive or defensive moves. Apart from this, there are some special moves which are powerful. This makes the opponent will lose a larger amount of energy.

The marvel contest of champions hack tool can help you to get to the desired goal in the gameplay. Also, in this game, the players have an opportunity where they can improve not only one but the entire team of the characters involved.

The gamers have a chance where they can buy additional cards with characters that are random in the Marvel universe. If the players do not intend on spending their money on making improvements then they can use the free solutions which they are being offered.

Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet: A Weight Loss Regimen

Keto diet or Ketogenic Diet is a low-carbohydrate diet that is most commonly recommended for people who wants to lose weight or fats in a healthy way. This method had been very controversial because a lot of people have been stating their satisfaction with its weight loss effect. But, many are doubtful about it and at the same time, some are even claiming that it is not a healthy way to lose weight at all.

But, many health and scientific studies have proven its health benefits and some of them are stated below;

  1. Reduce Blood Sugar and Insulin Level

Many studies have found that people with higher sugar or insulin level are more prone to obesity. Sugar is also one cause of fat production. Excess sugar intake can be stored in the body as glycogen for the muscles or lipid for the fat tissues which add up to your total weight.

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

If you are obese and your most common problem in losing weight is the possibility of risking your blood pressure then, this diet can certainly help you. Reducing or removing carbohydrate consumption in your daily meal will result in a significant reduction in blood pressure due to lower stimulation or substance trigger on your bloodstream.

  1. Targets Metabolism

Most people who want to lose weight are stressed about their tummy or abdominal fats and one great way to reduce abdominal fats is keto-diet. It was proven that a low-carb diet like keto targets mostly the abdominal fats because it stimulates your metabolism.

These are just some of the benefits you can get when you practice ketogenic diet aside from rapid weight loss but, there are even more health benefits that ketogenic diet can give you. For more guidance and help on meal planning, you can visit Ketosumo website.

Five Fine NES Gaming Trends I Miss in Modern Games

The Nintendo Entertainment System was the 8-bit savior of the home video game console industry, and the innovator of many significant concepts in gaming history, including advancing the idea of completing a game rather than just repeatedly trying to beat a high score. Although the story its history and influences are told in many other places, here we are going to focus instead on its lack of influence; that is, five gameplay concepts that did not seem to make the transition to later systems.

Variable Difficulty

Okay, admittedly, this is not an element that is entirely absent from modern gameplay, but has it ever been done to the elegant extent of choosing the available angles of control in Marble Madness or the myriad of choices in Rescue: The Embassy Mission? Even Double Dragon II had a clever way of assigning difficulty with titles like “Practice,” “Warrior,” and “Supreme Master,” rather than the “GAME A” and “GAME B” designations found in early cartridges like Kung Fu and Popeye. Sometimes the choice was made in de facto fashion, such as whether or not to use the 30-man code in Contra; other times, it was sublimated into the simple, daunting choice presented at the title screen of Mega Man II.

Franchise Creation

Every once in a while nowadays, a blockbuster franchise is launched, one that will spawn multiple sequels, hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and countless product tie-ins. Perhaps it was due to it being the sole home console of the time, the early not-quite-established gaming era, or maybe Nintendo’s knack for bold originality, but it seems that the Nintendo Entertainment System was especially apt for being the launch point for new canons across multiple consoles (Contra, Donkey Kong past the arcade cabinet, Prince of Persia, Mother in Japan spawned the Earthbound games, etc.), including some that still persist decades later, such as the Metal Gear, Super Mario, Castlevania, Tetris, Bomberman, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and other series. So to make things fun, I also buy some stuff at Gmestart.

Beat-’em-ups  amp; Run-‘n’-guns

Whether due to advances in technology allowing new gameplay opportunities, cultural trends towards specific types of gaming, or general development push for certain trends, it seems that video game genres follow cycles that fall in and out of popular appeal. Tracking the popularity of the first-person shooter and role-playing game (especially the JRPG) genres would provide an interesting view of how this happens, but some of the styles of play found on the NES are now almost entirely extinct, including the beat-’em-up kind of game found in great titles like Double Dragon, River City Ransom, Battletoads, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game; and the run-‘n’-gun genre, perfected in the original Contra but tried on many other cartridges like Rolling Thunder, Rush N Attack, and arguably even Bionic Commando. These two distinct types of gaming provided countless rich experiences for millions of gamers, only to be subsequently left by the wayside as video gaming entered three dimensions.

Text Dialogue

While voice acting obviously holds its advantages in being able to deliver a narrative story, there is still some charming appeal left in the type of dramatic dialogue found in Nintendo Entertainment System games like Ninja Gaiden, Vice: Project Doom, Maniac Mansion, Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode, Dragon Warrior, and many others, whether in the cutscenes of action platformers or the majority of dialogue through vast roleplay quests. Delivering the words through text allows the reader to form the perfect voice in their mind, while also eliminating the possibility of bad voice work ruining the otherwise immersive experience. After all, the power of text is the reason that books (and articles like this one) still exist.

Overhead Adventures

For some of us, the often-misunderstood “adventure” genre (sometimes labeled action adventure, overhead adventure, top-down adventure, etc.) seemed to represent an ideal gameplay hybrid, melding the character-building aspects of a role-player with the real-time fighting of an action game. Watching the steady increase of trait stats while battling hordes with quick reflexes and varied weapons was often an awesome experience that emphasized story and environment, only adding to the deep overall experience. This, too, could be considered a victim of the move to three dimensions, but in all actuality, many modern games loosely persist in this genre, but with a third-person or over-the-shoulder view (hello Grand Theft Auto) instead. The NES video games like Legend of Zelda, StarTropics, Magic of Scheherazade, and portions of The Guardian Legend and Blaster Master all provided potentially spectacular, long-term gameplay challenges that stretched the limits of both gamers’ skill and overall video game presentation. Even underrated titles like Spiritual Warfare are worth a playthrough, though perhaps not true for truly poor examples like Hydlide.

Even if these aspects of the NES are missed in modern games, though, that does not necessarily mean that gaming has taken a giant step backward. Video games will only continue to grow, evolve, and adjust to the demands of gamers, the strength of market demand, and the innovations of technology. As this happens, other vestiges will be eliminated; and perhaps, of those, some more will be missed.

When Eric “Nintendo Legend” Bailey is not busy playing overhead adventure games with text dialogue, he is updating his Nintendo Legend website , where he is on a quest to play and review every NES video game that ever garnered an American release.

MonkeyRoyale: Online Gaming League Review

MonkeyRoyale is an online gaming community that matches people to play games and tournaments on Yahoo! Games and Pogo. They offer games in fourteen different leagues including cribbage, pinochle, dominoes and spades. I have been a member off and on for the past eight years; more off than on. I recently joined again to poke around and see how it was doing. If you are unsure about joining this community, I’ll help you out by telling you some pros and cons about MonkeyRoyale. You can even check out situs judi online terpercaya 2019 for more gaming tournamnets. You get poker and several other card games there. If you are a professional poker player you can even earn money as you play poker online.


The players are very friendly: For the most part, all of the “monkeys” (players) are very nice people. I was almost always greeted and wished good luck when I sat down to play a game. After about a month, monkeys would greet me by name when I entered some of the game lobbies I frequented the most. I was even joked around with and given virtual hugs.

There is always a tournament: Anytime, day or night, at least one of the leagues is hosting a tournament. There are many players all over the world, so they try to cater to every schedule. I was always able to log on and jump into one at 3 in the morning if I wanted to. Tournaments start on the hour and half-hour in the bigger leagues, and on the quarter hours for the less popular ones.

You can trade in you BananaBux prizes: MonkeyRoyale uses BananaBux as their currency. You can use it to enter tournaments and win more BananaBux. If you have enough, you can trade them in prizes, such as watches, jewelry or home goods. I’ve read on the website that you can also trade them in for cash; however I could not find how many you need in order to redeem them.

There are different levels of memberships: For a fee, you can upgrade your membership to either Gold or Platinum status. With those levels you get access to special tournaments and are eligible for better prizes. You also get double BananaBux if you win a tournament. I was a gold member for about a month; I didn’t manage to earn enough BananaBux back to keep it.


The owner: The owner of MonkeyRoyale is a bit unprofessional, to put it mildly. In the MonkeyRoyale forums recently I’ve seen him tell a player “you disgust me” and call another an idiot. I have seen that if you so much as think about a competing league or talk bad about MonkeyRoyale, he will most likely mock you publicly and ban you. I’ve never personally been talked down to by him, but I know many people who have.

You will be bombarded with “sales”: Every time I log in their homepage I am hit with “buy more BananaBux now” and told how great of a deal it is. The most recent sale is selling you 30,000 BananaBux for $45. Considering that most tournaments cost between 3,000 and 5,000 BananaBux that would maybe last you a month. As you can see, BananaBux are expensive and it can add up quickly unless you happen to be really lucky and win some tournaments.

They don’t give out the prizes they promise you: I entered a special tournament, which promised if I won I would be sent a free mug. I ended up winning, and jumped through all the confirmation hoops to confirm my prize, and never got a mug. I emailed a few times asking when I would receive my prize, and never even got a reply.

There are not enough games: If I tried to find a monkey game at a time when a tournament wasn’t coming up, I was pretty much out of luck. There have been times when I would look for a monkey game for hours, to no avail. It seems most people just hop from tournament to tournament.

Overall, I would advise you to skip MonkeyRoyale, and find elsewhere to play. There are other leagues out there that don’t require as much time or money. MonkeyRoyale just has way too many problems to make it enjoyable.

How To Bag An Authentic Designer Handbag

The hottest trend out there at the moment is designer purses. Everyone has one. From Lindsay Lohan to Victoria Beckham, a stylish bag is under the arms of all of Hollywood’s fashionable elite. For High Quality Replica Bags you can click here. You get the latest and stylish bags at affordable prices.

You have been saving up all month to be able to go to the store and buy that cute Dooney and Bourke bag you have seen calling your name through the department store window. But how do you really know that your hard earned bucks are really getting you a truly original and authentic handbag?

Rip offs or look a likes are rapid on the streets, it’s almost like buying illegal fireworks or drugs. You go to a boutique and ask if the bag you want is in stock and the saleswoman leads you to a rack of obvious low cost fakes at a rock bottom price, in amusement you stare back at her, then she smiles and says “Well my colleagues just got back from a trip in New York and bought back some authentic Coach purses would you like to look at one? ” “Sure.” I replied.

Then she brings out what appears to be a large black and grey clutch and everything seems to look authentic including the price which she says she will give up for $75.00. Now in the department store or Coach outlet, this purse would bag you for around $400.00. Wow then I’m getting one heck of a deal!

You run off to work the next day and compare handbags with your colleague except in the light you can see the difference. What you thought was real leather really isn’t, the C’s embroidered on the bag are a little different shaped than the one she’s got. You know hers is an original and that she paid an arm and a leg at the Coach store up at the mall, now you know you have been ripped off!

Here are few tips that will help you to tell if a handbag is a fake.

If there are letters on the outside of the bag that don’t relate to the original such as a Louis Vuitton which should have LV embroidered on the outside. If it has different letters or no letters at all, it is probably a fake.

If you turn to the inside to look for the tag, the full name of the purse should be in either leather or gold plated lettering.

Of course fake leather versus real leather. Most designer handbags by Coach, Louis Vuitton, Dooney and Bourke, and Kate Spade are made from real authentic leather.

Watch out for non- commercialized boutiques and flea market vendors. They tend to be able to go to China Town or rip off distributors and buy at wholesale. They are able to sell the purses for cheap. Trust me you will not find an authentic Coach for under 50.00. If you do let me know the store, I’m going to buy one.

Be leery of EBay and other online auction sites, what you see isn’t always what you get! There are a lot of scam artists out there preying on women to pour last weeks pay out on their knock off purse.

Show caution when making an investment in your handbag, yes with that amount of money it’s an investment. Something you hope to have for years to come and to maybe pass on to someone else. The best place to buy an authentic handbag is through the manufacturer or their dealers directly. Try to avoid third party re-salers.

With that in mind, have fun shopping for the latest style in handbags that will have people asking when you walk down the street. “Nice Bag!”

The Video Game that Made Me a Gamer – World of Warcraft

Everyone has heard about World of Warcraft, even those who don’t play games. This game, usually referred to as WoW, is used for mocking my fellow gamers for being nolifers and nerds. I’ll just say I made some very good friends while playing this game. Oh and another thing – I’m a girl.


How everything started – Let’s play WoW later and do some dungeons!

My gaming days started back when I was still a kid. One of my first games was Super Mario Bros., and over time I switched to Unreal Tournament, which was a great way to blow off some steam. I also always had at least one fantasy RPG installed on my PC. As years went by, I kind of forgot about gaming. When I went to college, I rediscovered gaming thanks to people who eventually became my closest friends. One day, just before we all went to our homes after a coffee meet, one of them said: “Let’s play WoW later and do some dungeons.” This is where it all started. A friend of mine showed me his characters, and that was the first time I saw World of Warcraft. I wanted to play it right away. It had fantasy creatures, magic and absolutely stunning environment design. It was released in 2004 and has been substantially expanded since that time. If you are just starting as I was back then, the official WoW website will be a good starting point for you.

What can you do in World of Warcraft?

Well first of all, you have to level your character. Leveling was quite fun, as I learned the basic game mechanics and what my character could do effectively. When I first started, I couldn’t imagine anything being more fun than leveling with a few friends and doing dungeons, but I was dead wrong. The real fun begins after you hit the level cap. I started playing when The Burning Crusade expansion was up, with Cataclysm being the latest expansion; I’m still a regular player and do raids with my guildies while we joke around on Teamspeak all the time. People of all ages play this game, and even elderly people enjoy their stay in the world of Azeroth.

Going further: new expansion and new zones

Blizzard has announced a new WoW expansion called the Mists of Pandaria, with many websites closely following news and development of this expansion. Another race called the Pandaren will be introduced into the many playable races of Azeroth, but player reactions were rather divided when the new race was confirmed. I don’t mind the new expansion since taking a turn into a new direction could make things very interesting. The latest preview trailer speaks for itself, showcasing enhanced graphics and beautiful details that will bring more people into the game.

You should check out situs poker online if you want to earn some serious money from gaming. It is an online poker platform that allows you to put money in your poker account and cash out real money if you win the game.

Let your Kids Enjoy at Playhouse Disney Halloween Party and Games

Playhouse Disney Halloween Party and Games – Kids have been busy seeking out the Playhouse Disney Halloween web site. The web site has a lot of fun online games, print outs, videos online and more. That makes it a great hub for your kids to enjoy, while you play Judi online Terpercaya or some other games you want. Let’s explore everything kids and parents can find at Playhouse Disney Halloween.

Where Do I Find Playhouse Disney Halloween?

Go to The web site address will change to That’s okay. You’re still on the right page.

Online Games at Playhouse Disney Halloween

  1. Pumpkin Patch Mix and Match

One of the first activities preschoolers and elementary school students can play is the Pumpkin Patch Mix and Match. How do you play the Pumpkin Patch Mix and Match? Find the online game for kids here:

First, turn on the sound on your computer. It plays fun music and it will give you directions.

Click the green arrows to change the shape of the eyes, nose or mouth on the pumpkin.

Or, click on one of the six pumpkin shapes to change the shape of your pumpkin.

When you’re all done, click the Print picture. Now color and decorate your pumpkin.

  1. Spooky Ooky House Builder

The Spooky Ooky House Builder can be found here:

You need to pick one of the funny house shapes.

Then add bushes, trees, doors or windows.

How? Click on the item you want, like the window. Then different shapes of windows appear. Click on the one you like and drag it to the house. Click to place it.

What if I make a mistake? Click on the eraser and drag it to any item you want to remove.

Tip: You can put windows and doors in the sky, not just on the house!

Printables and Holiday Crafts

Playhouse Disney Halloween also has a number of Halloween printables. They are located here:

Choose from the following items:

Coloring Pages

Door Hangers

Greeting Cards

Trick or Treat Bags

Tip: The files are PDF format. Ask your parents to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat if you can’t print out the holiday images.

Kid-Friendly Spooky TV Shows

After you play your games, and make your crafts, you might want to watch a couple of special holiday episodes on Playhouse Disney.

Highlights of the Playhouse Disney TV schedule on Saturday, October 27, 2007 and Sunday, October 28, 2007 include Little Einstein’s Halloween and The Wiggles Mystery.

For a complete schedule of spooky shows, go here:

Have a spooky, safe and fun time!

WiFi: The Next Big Health Threat

Recently, a study was conducted that revealed that cell phones can cause cancer of the mouth if used for a few hours on a day to day basis. It is thought that the radiation that the cell phones emit can cause tumors to form in the mouth. If the radiation emitted by cell phones can do this, just think about what that emitted from a laptop can do.

WiFi users across the globe are experiencing trouble with migraines, and workers in areas where WiFi is used are taking more sick days than before it was in use. Lakehead University in Canada has even banned WiFi use due to the potential health threat, even though these allegations that it is dangerous are unproved. Based on the instances of migraines related directly to WiFi access, however, it seems as if using it could have a negative effect on health.

Technology has moved forward at light speed during the past few years, and researchers just recently were able to test how dangerous cell phones can be, because they were able to study people who have used cell phones for over a decade for hours a day. WiFi technology is relatively new in the technological world, so researchers probably won’t be able to do definitive studies on its effects any time soon.
While there is no real black-and-white evidence that WiFi is dangerous, we should all ask ourselves: is it worth the risk? You could probably ask any of the cell phone abusers from the study on mouth cancer whether chatting for hours a day was worth the end result, and I’m sure they would tell you that they could have lived without so much wireless talking. While it is better to look for some superboost wifi review, your main priority should always be your health and safety. Thus, being aware of the impacts of technology on ourselves is a must.

If the instances of cancer have to do with the radiation emissions, then WiFi could be extremely deadly. A laptop would emit a much larger amount of radiation that a cell phone, and places where many people are using WiFi all at once, like colleges, could end up being death traps. Like cell phones, however, we will probably, for the most part, ignore the dangers, because the negative effects don’t really show up until later on down the road, and not everyone will end up with cancer or tumors from using this technology. It’s a lot like smoking: we’ve all known its bad for us for a very long time and can cause serious, deadly conditions, but we continue to do it anyway, because we’ll be old and won’t care by that time, and some people go their whole lives without getting lung cancer. But if we could all talk to our future selves, after we’ve been diagnosed with cancer or some other horrible disease, I think we’d go back and change the way we live today. Only time will tell.

Hands On Review: Usb Powered Desktop Air Conditioner

My reviews today have really focused on USB devices. This is because I was curious to find out what types of products are currently being released with the USB connection capabilities. It was to my surprise that I found a lot of cool gadgets that are going to be coming out or are already out. I recently covered the USB Beverage Cooler product that I purchased and it got me thinking. Curiosity led me to finding exactly what I was looking for, a desktop air conditioner. You can buy this mini air conditioner from You can even compare prices and features as well. There are several other gadgets that you can discover on this websites.

Here is my review on the desktop air conditioner that I was lucky enough to play around with at a local electronic store. Hopefully you find it useful in deciding if you want one for yourself.

This might not be the right time of the year to talk about a product like this. However, I felt that the desktop air conditioner was so handy and unique that I had to share it with you. We have seen companies release USB capable desktop fans in the past, but no one has attempted to release a desktop air conditioner before. The device operates as simple and easy as most of the USB related electronics work. All you have to do is connect the USB capable to your computer in order to get the desktop air conditioner working. The original version was powered by batteries but has received a handy update with the USB capabilities built into it.

All you have to do is put some ice into the desktop air conditioner. There is an easy to lift top that you simply flip open and place your ice inside of it. I found out that the air conditioner usually takes about two to three cups of ice to fill it up. Once you have filled the air conditioner up with ice, you are ready to roll. The little USB powered gadget will begin producing cold air in a matter of minutes. This is much better than having to rely on the air conditioner in your window to cool you down. The air from the desktop air conditioner will make you feel like you are actually sitting in front your window and enjoying the air. Once again the power of the USB connector provides us with a unique service.

My review of this product is that it totally rocks. In fact, I purchased one for $129. I thought that this price was rather reasonable seeing that most air conditioners fall into a higher ranger. Plus, you need to factor in the convenience you receive by having an easy to plug in air conditioner that can fit onto your desktop. You will be happy to know that it does not take up that much room. The best thing you could compare it to space wise is a desktop fan. They both take up about the same amount of room, but the desktop air conditioner is ten times better than anything else you will try. Prepare for the summer and purchase one right away.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All…Again

In less than one year, I will be 20 years old; I will no longer be considered a teenager. It is weird to think about it. Although I cannot stop time from moving on, I am still able to let the kid inside of me out every now and then. Back in March, I was able to let my inner child out when I bought myself a copy of Pokemon White! Now, I know what you’re thinking. Pokemon is typically viewed as a very childish game, so why on Earth would I be purchasing this at my age? The answer is simple; I grew up with Pokemon. It is one of many constants in my life. I have collected the cards, seen the movies, and played the games. In other words, buying this new game was a must! You can visit Random animals generator so that you can learn about all the in-game pokemons. The database is up to date and include legendary pokemons as well. It is really easy to navigate and you can share these stats with your friend.

What I loved most about Pokemon White, was all the little details Nintendo put the time into perfecting. The Pokemon actually moved throughout the entire duration of each battle, as day became night the game would get darker and different Pokemon would appear, and Nintendo even went as far as allowing the player to spit-shine their badges clean so they would sparkle and shine. These little details make games even more enjoyable for all players, especially me. This game also was the first game in the series to introduce triple battles! A triple battle is when you have three Pokemon against three Pokemon in a battle setting. These battles were definitely a great addition to spice up game play for the more experienced players or shall I say Pokemon Masters?

Although the small details and the new challenges and Pokemon this game brought were great, what really made this game the best game of 2011 so far, was how easily it made me feel like a kid again. This game allowed me to jump back into the world of Pokemon and do what I do best, enjoy myself. As a college student working long hours to buy books for the upcoming semester and studying to get the best grades, being able to sit back, relax, and lose myself for an hour or two a day playing this game is all I could ever ask for. If you have not gotten a chance to play Pokemon White or its counter game Pokemon Black, I highly suggest you give it a try and of course do your best to “Catch ‘Em All!”

Mattress Madness

Choosing a mattress for the bed and the bed which is captains bed full can be a stressful and yet comic experience. Recently we decided it was time to replace our mattress. We had a sleep number bed and when we purchased it 5 years ago it was a wonderful bed. However, the air bladders in the sleep number bed are surrounded by a type of tightly concentrated hard foam and over time this begins to twist and bend down on the side of the bed. When this foam is twisted enough on both sides the two mattress bladders begin to spread and become quite uncomfortable. Now the company advertises that this mattress will have the same if not longer life span as a normal mattress and I suppose 5 ½ years is pretty normal.

To replace this foam boarder and the mattress casing and cover would run approximately $950.00 total so, that amount meant why should we not shop around for a memory foam or Tempur-Pedic mattress instead.

Off to Costco for their memory foam mattress at $499.99 we went. This mattress is 12 inches thick and a queen size making it perfect for my captains bed. Made and sold by Sleep Innovations, Inc. We brought home this mattress, which weighs in at 70lb’s and placed it on our base. We were able to use the sleep number base because it is solid and not an inner spring mattress but a hard piece constructed to hold the shape of the upper mattress. The Head, Foot and down the middle of this Innovation Sleep mattress grew to it’s intended 12 inches but each side where the center of the human body would lie was only 4 ½ inches thick. The process of swelling should take about 72 hours – unfortunately 7 days later we returned the mattress to Costco for a refund.

Just to let you know we did contact Sleep Innovations Inc. they were extremely professional and offered to replace the mattress but it would take 3 weeks. The extensive time to replace this mattress and then to start fresh for another 72 hours while hubby and I slept on the floor was just not a pleasant idea.

So off we went with our $499.99 refund to the Mohr Furniture Store to purchase our Tempur-Pedic mattress. We ended up purchasing the Advantage Tempur-Pedic Mattress for $1,499.00 and it was delivered completely formed. One problem is however that the air pockets have to open up that means each day we have to climb onto the mattress and walk back and forth to make this process go faster. The Tempur-Pedic mattress is extremely stiff and hard until this process happens. To date after 5 days the Tempur-Pedic is beginning to get softer and more form fitting while we sleep. I must admit I do not wake up with pain in my lower back but I am only sleeping about 6 hours a night. I feel completely rested and think perhaps that I am sleeping so well and so deeply I don’t need more sleep than this.

Hands down for comfort, delivery, wait time before sleeping the Tempur-Pedic mattress is number 1 hands down. A bit on the expensive side but time will tell if this expensive mattress lasts longer than the sleep number which originally cost $2,999.99 for the entire set of air bladder mattress and bottom casing.

Top Steps To Get Bed Bath And Beyond Printable Coupons ‘” Benefits And Average Savings

Read this if you wish to find out about Bed Bath and Beyond Printable Coupons. You might know Bed Bath and Beyond for their great quality merchandise for and also throughout the home. Because of the reputation it is no real shock that those coupon codes are hugely searched for by a lot of people. Why would you need to pay a lot more when you can get the finest deals with their latest Bed Bath and Beyond Printable Coupon 2011? What about those fashionable new linens or that cooking ware you always planned to get? Read on, mainly because we will show you some important info with regards to the Bed Bath and Beyond Printable Coupons. You can also consider instant Lowes coupon which are printable as well. You can use these coupons as you shop at bed bath and beyond. These Lowes coupons get you a good discount without much of a hassle.

One simple way to get the coupon codes and also rebates is if you obtain them right with your email. All you must do is look at the BBB internet site and type in your email address to allow them to deliver you their offers. By making use of email you could make sure to get the hottest coupon codes right away when they are available. This is just about the easiest way to have the Bed Bath and Beyond Printable Coupons as you do not need to do anything else.If you would like you can even let them deliver you coupon codes to your home by way of old-fashioned postal mail. Then you merely take the Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon and show them while in the store the next time you stop by Bed Bath and Beyond.

Do keep in mind probably the best ways to come across and get the coupons: On the internet!. Many recognized deal sites feature and now have the most recent plus recent Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons online. Needless to say this really is ultra-straightforward considering that all that’s necessary is a printer set up to your PC. Of course this can be also considerably quicker as compared to waiting for their particular deals and offers while using normal mail. No question this is actually the ultimate way to have them quick and it hardly requires any effort to discover the rebates as well as codes online.

Some words of guidance: Relating to printable Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons 2011 that you can find online, you usually need to check if the codes happen to be valid rather than expired. It isn’t big surprise that numerous sites feature the favorite coupons as well as promotions for Bed Bath and Beyond. This is the reason it is best to look a second time and double check the actual expiry date also.

Simply go over the details and look at the date. If you can’t find the details, check the reports of some other online users who could possibly say whether the Bed Bath and Beyond Printable Coupon functions or not. This way it will not really be a difficulty to find out whether you might use the coupon. Dont make this mistake and rely on the websites blindly, you may not want frustration at the checkout in Bed Bath and Beyond because the promotion isn’t valid anymore.

Of course, knowing the Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon Code will work you’ll be able to go ahead and print it. All this can be very easy to do and it really should become apparent why those Bed Bath and Beyond Printable Coupons happen to be so high in demand. Nothing prevents you to find the newest Bed Bath and Beyond Printable Coupon, it is possible to save tons of money in zero time!

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