Enhancing Your Ability To Bounce

If you play Basketball, Volleyball or even Soccer, jumping high enough poses enough advantage over your competitors. For example, having a high vertical leap in Basketball not only gives you the advantage to snatch the ball midair, but you can also dunk the ball at any given time. For volleyball, jumping high gets you the chance to block the opponent’s possession or you can spike the ball through your opponent’s defense. All that are just a sample of what jump training can do for you. Other than that, there are also listed benefits that you can acquire such as enhancement of agility, change of pace or direction and strengthening of lower body to prevent unwanted injuries.

Jump training has a misconception with plyometrics training. Where the latter does different styles of vertical training such as box jumps, vertical and long jumps by putting concentration on short ground contact times. Jump training on the other hand involves using one or two-legged jumping activity and it also exhibits jumping forward in motion rather than focusing on just the vertical stance. Three good examples for Jump Training are Long Jump where two legs are maximized while jumping forward to a greater distance. Another example would be Hurdle Jump which means jumping and landing on the same leg with hurdles to jump for and last example would be Lateral Bound where jumping on one leg and landing on the same leg while jumping laterally or through sideways.

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