India’s Football Team’s Rise In The Rankings: A New Dawn For The Country’s Football Team

India’s football team have been performing great in the past years as a significant change took place in its structure. Thus, this had evolved and changed the team, resulting in its gradual yet steady rise into the rankings.

A New Coach

Lately, Igor Stimac has been appointed as the new coach of India’s football team. With him comes years of experience being both a player and a coach. His greatest achievement involves taking Croatia to the World Cup Rankings back in 2013, where the country took the fourth spot. He also caches most of the team that went and reached the World Cup Finals last year. His two-year contract will ensure that India will get the same treatment and training similar to those teams that Stimac have coached before. He also promises excellent results after undergoing his new team to his training.

The Focus Of Stimac’s Training

Stimac, just like any coaches, wants to focus on the team’s overall performance. He pointed out that the most significant issue of India’s team is the lack of guile and composure when passing the ball. This aspect becomes his primary focus and wants to improve it much more. Stimac also added that other aspects of the game, like possession of the ball and attacking/counter-attacking, and also wants to add more emphasis on those aspects too. He also said that he wants to add his touch to it to make it one of the team’s advantage over their adversaries.


Stimac’s guidance and training will surely make the team a much more formidable foe for other teams. Thus, this will also drive the team in paving their way into one of the best in the world. For those who seek more info about this topic, just login to the significant sports websites for more in-depth info.