3 Questions You Must Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney Before Hiring

A bankruptcy attorney is the most important and necessary hiring to deal with bankruptcy cases. The process of hiring a bankruptcy attorney should not be taken lightly. Before hiring one, make sure you ask them the right questions in order to make sure he or she meets the requirements.

Here are some critical questions that should keep in mind to ask while hiring a bankruptcy attorney:

Question 1: Which file should be filed as per your current bankruptcy situation?

One can file two kinds of bankruptcy cases. One is the chapter 7 and the other is chapter 13. Suppose your attorney suggests you chapter 13, make sure your attorney has complete knowledge about chapter 13 bankruptcy information and how exactly it will work for your case. You need to ensure your attorney is well versed with all his strategies to handle a case of bankruptcy.

Question 2: What will your fee amount?

Your attorney should be able to give you an overhead cost of the amount you need to spend to file for bankruptcy. The amounts will include the court charges for filing, any sort of administrative fees that might be required to be paid, as well as fees your attorney will charge. In case there are complications, your attorney will take a longer period of time which means you will have to pay more.

Question 3: What will be the expected time period of your case and whether or not there will be any anticipated problems?

Your bankruptcy attorney will be able give a rough sketch of the time period for your case being filed. He must consider the duration of the entire legal process as well as the time invested in acquiring required information. An experienced attorney is able to sense on how things may play out in the court. He will also warn you about potential problems so that you can stay prepared.