3 Tips To Market Your Pest Control Business This Off Season

Every business has its own peak and down season. For a private resort, peak season is during summer when people have the need to go to the beach to alleviate heat while rainy season is the time when the business has low demands. This case also applies to pest control businesses. In most scenarios, summer time is the busiest season for pest control service providers because pests such us spiders, bugs, ants are active during warm season. For pest control businesses, the sad part is, it is not always summer. Hence, there will be months when demands for pest control service are reasonably low. While this may be a downside for your business, you should take this season as an opportunity to market your business. Here are some of the tips which are provided by www.spartanpestcontrol.com to advertise your pest control business this off season.

Maximize your system

Certainly, you have a database of email addresses and other contact information of your existing and possible customers. This off season is the best time for you to start an email campaign to reach for your lost customers. If they have shown an interest before in your service, there is still a possibility that they are in need of your business.

Update your website/social media

Nowadays, one of the effective ways to advertise your business is through website and social media. Make sure your website is updated with all the necessary information your customers need to know such as the services that you offer, prices and even the equipment you have for your service.

Customer Feedback

Another way to improve not only your marketing but also your service is by gathering customer feedback and reviews. Aside from you can evaluate your service from their feedback, it is also an opportunity for you to collect contact information of your customers. Additionally, you can also benchmark your business with your competitors such as Edmonton exterminators and other pest control providers in your area.