3 Tips To Scale Up Twitter Following

Almost everybody on Twitter knows that high quality and timely tweets are the keys to gather followers. But these are the basic steps. If you are looking to make things bigger, there are some other master strategies that you should take care of. The post below offers a brief on the pro strategies to follow to scale up your Twitter follower base.

Promote Twitter account

You have to spread the word about your Twitter account before your audience. Here are the pointers to be followed-

  • Embed Twitter button on your website
  • Embed Twitter handles on your posts on other social media profiles
  • Mention Twitter handle on business cards, brochures, promotional emails, billboards, posters and other promotional materials

Connect with influencers

Find out your industry influencers on Twitter. Follow, retweet and share their posts. Make yourself known to them as a committed follower. Try to build a rapport. Once they start engaging with you, invite to them to your business events, promotional shows and so on. You can also offer them a free sample of your product. If they like engaging with you, you can request them to tweet something about your brand. This way, your content will be visible to your influencers’ followers as well and that’s usually a huge line. As a result, you will soon start having some their (influencers’) following you as well since now you have been recommended by your industry experts.

Purchase Twitter followers

Another great way to make it big with Twitter following is to purchase Twitter followers. Go to a company like https://getfollowsnow.com/ that guarantees real followers always. When you buy followers, you will get a huge amount of followers, say 500, instantly. It’s common human psychology to follow a profile which commands a long line of followers. So, when you will have a huge number of followers backing you, it will certainly pique the interest of other Twitter users out there.