3 Warm-Up Myths You Should Avoid In Basketball Training

A solid warm-up is extremely crucial before a hardcore basketball training or match. But unfortunately, not all information you will find on basketball warm-up can be trusted. In fact, the warm-up scene here is shrouded by several myths that do more harm than good. The post below offers a brief on the top warm-up myths every basketball player should be careful of.

Myth 1- practice 7-8 hours daily

It’s a strict no-no. If you practice for so long every day, you will only end up hurting yourself. It’s to stress here, exercising for over 8 hours in week will not only hurt your body but your game as well. Human body can’t endure such an intense rigorous schedule. Rather, you should limit your practice to 8 hours in one week- 1 hour on court & 45 minutes in weight room.

Myth 2: Weight lifting hurts

Well, it’s true that if you have never lifted weights, weight lifting could be challenging initially. But that doesn’t mean a basketball player must not try to lift weights. In fact, weight lifting will enhance the overall body strength, improve the player’s range and help him to regulate body balance. However, weight lifting must be restricted to weight room only. You should not attempt to lift weights right before your match.

Myth 3: You need to practice warm-up daily

Do not ever do this. You will only end up being terribly fatigued and sick. You can rather warm-up every alternate day.

The article above focuses especially on physical warm-up. But, a basketball player should also consider a mental warm-up to keep him stress-free and mentally sharp during match. A great way to develop strategic thinking is to play intelligent card games like poker. You will get situs poker online to play the game from the comfort of your home.