4 Secrets to Control Unwanted Wrinkles

Are you a skincare products junkie? One should definitely take care of their skin from an earlier age so that you can avoid the wrinkle issue in your older days. But it is not always that skin care products are the only way to take care of your skin. Buying expensive products may not always be possible or affordable.

Here are some secrets on how you could control unwanted wrinkles.

  • Stay away from direct sunlight

It has been found that exposure to sunlight results in the wrinkling up your skin faster than normal. You need to avoid being exposed to direct sunlight in order to control your wrinkles. Although, it is not always possible for a working woman to stay away from sunlight. Here is where wearing a sunscreen comes to your rescue. It protects your skin from direct heat. This avoids from you having skin cancer and wrinkles as well.

  • Say no to smoking

According to research, smoking can not only be injurious to your health but also to your skin. It is said that an enzyme is released in your body due to smoking which breaks down your collagen and elastin which are basic components of your skin. A smoker’s skin will be thinner are more wrinkly than that of a non smoker’s.

  • Sleep Routine

A normal person needs to sleep 8 hours a day in order to function properly be it mentally or physically. The same goes for your skin. Inadequate sleep produces excess amount of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that breaks down your skin cells. Adequate sleep helps your body to produce enough human growth hormone to help your skin remain thick and elastic.

  • Protein

Protein intake is required for a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy skin. Eat foods which are great source of protein. Like fishes, especially salmon. They are a source of fatty acids called omega-3 which keeps your skin plump and nourished. Click here to view article to see the list of protein rich foods.