5 The King Of Fighters Allstar – Tips & Tricks To Win All Battles

Netmarble is a South Korean mobile gaming company that has managed to pull some of its best games among gamers globally. Some of them include Marvel Future Fight, Seven Knights and Lineage 2: Revolution. The king of Fighters Allstar is the trending one in its list. This game is designed to work on both android and iOS platforms.

It is always intriguing to try something online that cannot be performed on the ground, by most. This game camouflages under it its beauty of depth. The game would look simpler than expected with obstacles such as AI-controlled baddies, helpless trees or cars and other players. However, this is not it. You need some tips and tricks to manage through this game and win.

Tips and Cheat Codes

Let us go through some of them below

  • Basic combination – Choose and create a basic combination of attacks. You can either pull an attack to put your opponent in the air and then use an air combo with a basic combo and an added attack to finish it off gracefully.
  • Colour code – Association is important when it comes to building a squad. An association of all males or all females helps to earn a team boost. Also, it is advised to ensure that the colour association of the squad members are all different.

The character’s colour should pair up with the opponent’s colour code. Only then you will be able to win the level easily. An example being – red is strong against green but is weak against blue.

  • Taking care of new characters – When you get hold of new characters, it is important to boost their stats with one of your EXP material potion types collection. The potion is required to be dumped into each one.

The above cheat codes are nothing but free gems. Just like we know how to get free gems in episode, now we know to use the above cheat codes in the game.