Altitude Training For The Distance Pool Swimmers

There ain’t a specific rule which says that it is necessary for the swimmers to undergo an altitude training. However having acclimatized to a low oxygen environment helps in gaining a competitive edge over other players as this training helps the athlete to quickly adapt to the no oxygen water environment.

Knowing more about the altitude training

High altitude training basically refers to the trainings done over an altitude of 7,000 to 8,000. The benefits of the altitude training is that it helps in developing endurance and in other aspects like usage of less oxygen to support the muscles.

In other words through this training one learns to give their full and best with even minimal amounts of oxygen requirements. This might be referred to as contrasting in the beginning but getting used to a relatively thinner air helps in enhancing the athlete’s endurance capabilities and therefore boosting the athlete’s competitive instinct in the lower altitudes and areas.

The work progression

Whilst the athlete’s that work on higher altitudes feel like they are putting in an extra effort towards their performance. This phenomenon or in other words this feeling of extra exhaustion towards work is induced through altitude hypoxia through which the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles decreases but with continued working and training the muscles get used to performing better even in the non optimal and adverse conditions which helps in giving the players an extra strength or a competitive edge against other players.

Benefits of this training

As an athlete gets used to the high altitude vicinity the erythrocyte count inside the blood increases. Through this increase in the blood cell count the amount of oxygen carried by the blood cells also increases. Through this a benefit acquired is that one these athletes face over at competitions at lower altitudes the muscles get the boost due to an ample amount of oxygen present at the plains as compared to the thinner oxygen levels at altitudes and hence helps in establishing a winning streak.