An ultimate guide to getting clicks from youtube videos

Youtube is one of the most popular and trending video sharing platforms and also one of the most significant engines used for searching for different queries. Millions of videos are available on this platform as umpteen numbers of users uploads videos regularly. There are mainly two types of users of youtube; first is creators, and second is watchers. First one is the user who creates content and attracts viewers towards their video, and second is the user who watches and interacts with those videos. It is challenging to get successful on this competitive platform, so some users buy real youtube views and watch hours to attain a considerable amount of views and subscribers easily.

Surprising tips to get more click and views on your videos

Use different annotations

Annotations are various pop-up texts in the video, asking the viewer to like or subscribe to the video. It is a quite effective method to attract views towards your video and adding to it these annotations also works as a link, and you can attach links of your other videos in these annotations which will help you to drive the viewer from your one video to other. It makes your video more engaging and attractive and keeps the viewer interested.


It is a less used but immensely effective trick to attract more views and engage the viewer to a great extent. Playlists are a group of similar videos, which play in a sequence on a single click. If you have some videos on your channel related to the same topic, you can gather them all and create a playlist of them giving its suitable title. The best things about playlists are that they appear separately in the search results, which means they are highly visible and secondly it plays automatically which makes the viewer watch more videos that he wanted to, increasing the views fo your videos.