Apex Legends Tips &Tricks – Your Guide To The Apex Hack

Released on 4th February 2019, this game named Apex Legends brought some new Battle Royale material into the Game market. It is a free game. It is developed by Respawn Entertainment. It is published by a company called Electronic Arts. This game is developed for multiple different platforms like Play Station 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. This game brings in a tough completion for already existing Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite.

Let us understand what is different about this new Apex Legend game and what makes it more attractive than the existing games.

  • Cool new features of Apex Legends

Ping system: Whenever a player finds a new weapon in a particular are, or looks at some air drops, or wants to move to a particular location and wishes to inform this to the squad, he just need to point his crosshair at the object of interest and ping it.

No Voice Chat: Of course, every Battle Royale player must have experienced a stranger squad member who would keep shouting things on their microphone and annoying every other squad members unnecessarily. Thus, this game wishes to avoid any voice chat.

  • The Apex hacks – Tips and Tricks

Listen Carefully and then learn to ping

Supply bins are always around, just keep an open eye

The loot ticks like to hide into corners, keep watching for colorful lights and distinct noises

Color code your game by remembering colors for rare items, common items, epic or legendary items, etc.

Remember the ammunitions by their colors too

Weapon holstering will help you run quick

Land far away at a distance such that no two team members fight for same ammunition.

Shotguns come very handy when roaming the populated areas.

These Tips and Apex hacks will help you excel at our game in the most fluent manner.