Are Diamonds Considered A Good Investment?

Diamonds are precious gemstones that are extremely strong and costly. The rates for diamond investment are ever-growing and turn out to be quite profitable. Let’s find out the positives and negatives of diamond investment.

  • Pros

Size – The first and most obvious reason is the size of diamonds, they are very portable which makes them a great fit for investments. Diamonds don’t take as much space as much other expensive material. A small trinket of a diamond is much costlier than gold of the same size, this makes it more feasible compared to other costly metals.

Insurance – Companies offer insurance for diamonds so if you are worried about diamonds safety, get insurance for your diamonds.

Portability – Diamonds are very small and can easily be transported from one location to another, their small size helps them to be moved with ease while also being so costly hence diamond investment is a good choice.

Durability – As diamonds are the strongest substances known to man, there is no worry of it being damaged or scratched. The only thing that you have to be careful about is not losing it.

Free from inflation – True to many physical commodities. Diamonds usually compliment inflation and as diamonds are much more portable and durable even if you don’t wish to buy diamonds for an investment, buy them to keep as money diamonds are the best choice.

Safe from the digital world – Unlike rows and columns seen on the computer screens for online investments, diamonds being physical objects you are psychologically sure that your investment won’t fade away to dust.

Enjoy its beauty while you keep it – As technically diamonds don’t really wear off, you can simply wear it, enjoy its beauty like that of the beautiful Argyle Diamond and cherish it while you keep it for investment, since selling it off as second hand isn’t quite practical. The pink diamond list shows more profit as it is one of the rarest types of diamonds, pink and red in color, a treat to the eyes.

  • Cons

Lack of transparency in cost – There is no fixed cost when it comes to diamonds and their investment. Unlike gold and other physical commodities, diamonds don’t have a fixed cost index, it changes according to the market.

Not great for short-term investment – If the investment you need is to be quick then diamonds aren’t the way to go about it. Diamonds take a while to gain profit and are great for long-term investments.

Hence this shows that if you want a long term investment that is portable, durable and gives a good return, diamonds are great for it.