Can Online Games Be Hacked?

The rise of the gaming industry and the problems that came with it

The growth of the gaming industry is on a steady ascend. It has been estimated that the total gaming revenue will hit $180 billion by 2021. Online gaming is a big part of this success, and with recent improvements with internet technology, it is expected that the number of players in the online gaming scene will only increase in time.

With this exponential growth, it’s common for some people to resort to unfair, bordering illegal, ways to gain advantage. We’re not talking about using guides to get better chances, like utilizing Vegas99bet for online betting. There are players that try to hack their way into online gaming success.

Hacking of online games

While hacking can easily be done on offline games given the right knowledge and tools, that is not always the case with online games. With developer’s constantly monitoring online games for bugs and glitches that needs to be fixed, hacking it would be quite difficult. However, difficult as it may seem, it is not impossible.

Getting into the game’s servers

This has to be the most illegal way to hack an online game to gain competitive advantage. Being the core of online games, these servers are constantly monitored for any discrepancies, which means hacking online servers of games is practically impossible. Those that offer server hacks online are fake and most probably scams.

Other means of gaining advantage in online games

Though not technically hacking, there are other ways one can gain advantage over others in online games. One of the most popular ways is by utilizing bots in online games. These are programs that can be integrated into the game performing specific tasks towards a player’s gain.

There are different types of bots depending on what it does. Online RPG’s have farming bots and FPS games use aimbots to gain competitive advantage. Though not technically illegal, these practices are frowned upon and can get you banned in the game.