Car Racing Games: Know Hot And Fierce Games!

In mobile gaming, car racing games are the most popular. There ate millions of fans of car racing games that remove their boredom by playing the fantastic fierce hot car racing games. Advancement of technology has to lead many changes in these games, and every day the bar of fans keeps on increasing. The graphics and features of games keep on enhancing, and not only they are easy to play, and they can be easily created. You can play taruhan bola online and makes loads of money sitting in your bed comfort. Let us know about some of the amazing fierce hot racing games that people are crazy about:

  1. Mad Monday

The concept of this game is quite simple and amazing, and players just need to drive fast in order to win. You need to knock off other cars and drivers to win. Almost one million people love this game. You get three weapons, and you need to choose from leap over bridges, crash into something, and spill the blood all over. You can spend your boring day by playing this hot car racing game.

  1. Crackin’ Ball Z

There are almost four characters in this game, and you can choose anyone to complete the six races. You can jump up and frigging down and shoot the laser beam out of your mouth. The graphics of this game are not so advanced, but also winning the game is a little difficult. You need to be tricky while playing this hot car racing game.

  1. Mario

Everyone is fond of Mario as it kicks ass! You get to see everything in this game like the mushrooms, pipes, stars and many other things.

These are some of the fabulous car racing games that people are crazy about. The racing games are forever, and they won’t get old as people spend their childhood playing these fantastic racing games.