Chiropractic Care: Conditions To Improve During Pregnancy

There are recent research and study that 75% of pregnant women are experiencing conditions. And this includes pelvic pain and lower back pain that increases as the pregnancy progress. For them, these conditions such as pain in the lower back and hips are part of the pregnancy. But, there are physical and hormonal changes that may experience, and it will impact the comfort and posture, and as the baby grows and becomes heavier, the central gravity also shifts.

The use of regular chiropractic care can offer some benefits for pregnancy. Not only it can help to manage the lower back pain, joints, and hips, and it can also establish the balance of the pelvis. If the pelvis is misaligned, it can be hard for the baby to move in its best position, which is head down and rear-facing.

There are also other conditions that chiropractic care can improve during the pregnancy stage. It includes the following medical conditions that occur during pregnancy.

Sacroiliac Pain

It is sometimes misdescribed as hip pain. The sacroiliac pain is ligament laxity caused by a hormonal change during pregnancy. It allows the stability and primarily of the sacroiliac joints to shift and move. It causes illness when increased movement puts stress on the muscles and ligaments.

Low Back Pain

It is a common condition for every pregnant woman. Lower back pain is caused by stress on the lumbar spine by the anterior shifting on the center of gravity. It also contributes to muscles became tighter and altered gait patterns. The pain can range to mild to severe, depending on the individual’s work and activities.

Pubic Symphysis Pain

The relaxin hormone stabilizes the pubic symphysis joints to relax and allowing the joints to separate and move. It is also called as the SPD or the symphysis pubis dysfunction. The condition can produce limited mobility and pain. Besides, it can lead to pelvic bone’s instability.

Other Conditions

It also includes the conditions of round ligament pain and sciatic nerve pain. Chiropractic care can provide improvement with these conditions during pregnancy.