Choosing The Back Packing Tent

Traveling is an essential recreational activity to an individual, amidst the competitive world we’re living in and keeping up with the bills for each month, it can be exhausting and draining to think about it every single day so to unleash the stress people tend to travel a lot; to ease their mind from troubles and seeking for tranquility.

Traveling to different parts of the world or just even the nearby places in your hometown, doesn’t have to be an extravagant and luxurious trip, usually people just do backpacking. The so-called backpackers travel is a cheapest way to go on a trip which only needs a minimal amount of things to carry, the necessities and a fair amount to use for the expenses, you can also go for camping for your unwinding travel and so on. If camping is one thing in your bucket list then you need to know what the things that you need to bring, one of the imperative part about camping is your very own backpacking tent.

Backpacking tent comes with variety of sizes, shapes and designs; if it is a family camping then you have to bring a family size tent and if it is just a solo camping then the medium sized tent but if you think you’re not yet an expert regarding tent picking; there’s a need for you to do a check list about choosing a backpacking tent. Here are the things that you need to know.

 Singles or Doubles

The main thing that you need to know is whether you want a single-wall or double-wall tent. A single wall-tent is also called a mountaineering tents, it is waterproof, a simple tent to set up, lighter weight compared to double-wall tent and a breathable fabric but do take note that it does not give a guarantee when it comes full cover when rainy climate, cold weather or the heat of the sun. Commonly, people go for the double wall tent because of it rain fly which has covers the main layer of the tent. It is gives more convenient, ventilation and protection from heat and cold climate.

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