Devil May Cry 4: Hands-on Preview

After a long wait, Devil May Cry 4 is finally close to completion. Originally a Playstation 3 exclusive, the game became a multiplatform title with an additional release on the PC and Xbox 360. Will the highly-anticipated title live up to the hype? Find out in this hands-on preview.


Devil May Cry 4 follows the story of two characters: the series protagonist Dante and the newcomer Nero. Although they look alike, their relationship is unknown. Despite that, fate has intervened and, for better or worse, their paths will finally cross.


Jumping on the next-generation bandwagon early has really helped Capcom in the visual department. Looking identical on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Devil May Cry 4 is one of the best looking games on any video game console. Plus, the game runs fast and smooth, essential for this fast-paced action game.


The sound is classic Devil May Cry: bad voice-acting full of cliché one-liners along with corny music. Although newcomers may not be amused by it, fans of the series will love its familiar charm.


A stylish action game, Devil May Cry 4 is all about defeating your enemies and looking as cool as possible doing it.

With exploration and puzzles kept to the minimal, Devil May Cry 4 forces gamers to survive one arena fight after another. Enemies in the game aren’t as aggressive as the ones in Ninja Gaiden; as a result, gamers can easily perform stylish attack combos.

Not to say the game is easy; it’s quite the opposite, especially for newcomers of the series. The bosses, in particular, pose quite a bit of challenge. However, the game is easier than the overly difficult Devil May Cry 3.

Like many other action games, you can power up your weapons and learn new moves. Red orbs, used as currency to improve your character, can be found in the environment and dropped by defeated enemies.

New to Devil May Cry 4 is the introduction of Nero and his Devil Bringer ability. You can now grab and throw enemies with Nero’s devilish arm. Despite the new addition, gameplay largely remain the same as previous games.

Devil May Cry 4 controls in the following ways:

Left Analog: Move

Right Analog: Aim and look

R1: Lock-on

L2: Power up sword attack

Circle: Use Devil Bringer

Square: Fire gun; hold to charge for more power

Triangle: Melee attack

X: Jump

Not mention in the controls section is the countless attack combinations you can pull off. Needless to say, Devil May Cry 4 looks cool and plays even cooler. There is a list of special moves on agen judi online terpercaya that you can learn. You can easily master all those special moves and tricks so that you can easily master Devil May Cry 4.

Final Product

In addition to Nero, gamers will also play as Dante. Overall, Devil May Cry 4 is expected to be the biggest game in the series with over ten hours of gameplay.

If you are expecting a complete overhaul in gameplay from previous games of the series (a la Resident Evil 4) than you will be disappointed. For others, the game is shaping up to be one of the best action games for next-generation consoles.

Devil May Cry 4 will be released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in February. The release for the PC version has yet to be determined.