Eve Online Mission Guide: The Exam

This article will serve as a walk-through for the MMORPG Eve Online mission entitled ‘The Exam’ which is the final mission in the Advanced Military Career arc. This mission is labeled as an important mission and will have significant impact on faction standings. Requesting the mission from my agent presents the following briefing for the mission The Exam: “We’re going to be stepping back on this one and letting you take control of the situation. One of our patrols spotted a small group of suspicious vessels headed towards a local pleasure hub. After processing their ship’s ID tags, we’ve determined that one of the pilots is a known terrorist responsible for dozens of station bombings. A CONCORD raid into the premises would be picked up by the terrorists well before the ships actually arrived. We need this murderer taken out while we have his location, so you must move in yourself and then assassinate him, understand?”

The objectives for this mission will be to destroy the pleasure hub located inside the deadspace encounter that will be provided to me upon accepting The Exam, with the terrorist leader inside. AA message bellow the mission objectives, warns me of my enemies intention to use warp scramblers and stasis webifiers on me during the coming battle. This message advises me to forgo warp core stabilizers in favor on just focusing on pummeling my adversary. Granted upfront for this mission will be a single Cormorant Destroyer however, I already have one fully equipped to be used for this mission. For completing this mission I will be rewarded with one unit of Letter of Recommendation along with 85,000 credits if the objectives for The Exam are completed and turned in within 5 hours and 22 minutes.

Accepting this mission introduces me to one last mini tutorial for this arc, explaining various combat tactics such as targeting weaker enemies first to more quickly reduce the overall damage the enemies are capable of dealing, a good idea. I will not have to attack the pirate’s wingmen in The Exam; however, I’m going to anyways. Another good point brought up by the tutorial, never stay still, as this will make it incredibly easier for guns to hit you, and do very high amounts of damage with each hit. Heeding the advice of the tutorial, I activate my Cormorant Destroyer and head out to complete The Exam.

When I arrive at the encounter for The Exam, I come upon 3 pleasure hub stations next to a massive asteroid in an orange dust cloud. I get a neo com message notifying me my scanner has picked up 3 ships being activated. The leader emerges in his frigate supported by two mercenary fighters, unleashing salvos of missiles on my destroyer. Opening up on the leader finishes him off rather quickly with my 7 turrets firing simultaneously. As soon as his ship explodes the journal marks my mission completed yet I decide to stay and finish off his friends. They trio poses only a small threat to my Cormorant, only knocking my shields down by 40% throughout the battle. After my work is done in this encounter, I warp back to the State War Academy to turn in The Exam to my career agent, giving me a final farewell and my Letter of Recommendation provided to me should I consider enlisting in Factional Warfare. Other than all these facts and tips you should check out QQ Online for more gameplay tips and advices.