Florida–Georgia Football Rivalry: The Most Anticipated College Football Game Every Year

We are all so familiar with iconic rivalries in any sporting events. Competitions like Ali vs. Frazier, Lakers vs. Celtics, Red Sox vs. Yankees and Packers vs. Bears are so memorable that they will go down to the annals of sports history. Of course, when it comes to American football, there is no other iconic rivalry between the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs. Anyways, why is this rivalry always celebrated every year? What happened back then to result in this event? you can visit www.qqturbo.com for more information on this.

A Brief History of the Rivalry

It all started back in 1904 when the very first match between two teams happened, in which Georgia won by a staggering 52-0. Due to some discrepancies, Florida’s University Athletic Association does not recognize the loss. Eleven years later, the two teams met each other once again in a match, in which Georgia won again with the score of 37-0. In 1928, Florida claimed their very first victory, with the score of 26-6. From then on, almost every year the two teams faced each other. And this, later on, turned into a tradition that until today people still celebrate in commemoration of the said event.

A Rivalry Turned Into A Tradition

Florida–Georgia Football Rivalry is not your typical run-of-the-mill game event like those in situs Judi online. It is an annual event in Jacksonville where both teams played hard while fans celebrate the event to their heart’s content. It has transformed from a heated rivalry into a friendly yearly match which most people considers it as a tradition too. Every year, new athletes take part in this said event and take the chance to be added on the hall of fame of the said game.


Not every rivalry goes down in history in the right tone for each side, for most of them continues their bitter feud even outside the playing field. Thus, this only means that Florida–Georgia Football Rivalry has transformed itself from a heated game between two teams, into a friendly rivalry that survived for more than a hundred years.