Four Boxing Drills To Punch Up Your Fitness

If you ever meet a boxer, you’ll understand how hard they work in order to keep themselves fit. They follow an extensive routine and drill schedules that contributes to their overall performance in the long run. If you are boxer yourself then you would want to check out these 4 brilliant boxing drills for revamping your fitness.

  • Drill One – Corner Cones

corner comes require you to setup 4 objects which can be anything and not only cones, in four different corners. Now stand in the centre and make a squat and run towards each cone once and touch the object.

Come back and repeat the same for another corner. You must do atleast 3-5 sets daily. Reaction time, speed, agility gets highly improved if you follow this set.

  • Drill Two – Pyramid Punches

stamina is a great tool that can make you the winner. It is a burnout drill that will help you shred a lot of calories and skim down your muscles perfectly. This exercise provides huge strength to your arms and legs along with their flexibility massively. You must do atleast 2-3 sets of this exercise regularly.

  • Drill Three – Circular Cones

another exercise that is aimed to provide you with more efficiency and stamina. Set at least 8 different Circular Cones, creating a big enough circle with good space in the centre. Now, start circling the cones in a sidestep method and keep changing the direction at times frequently as well. Do it for two minutes at a time and then change the direction. Do atleast 5-6 sets.

  • Drill Four – Push 8

the best way to increase muscle endurance is by following the Push 8 drill. It is an exercise which will jot require you any equipment to carry out but will surely be tough on you. That is why boxers do not miss out on this exercise.

Boxers have a lot of things to maintain and they keep themselves fit all the time. Make sure to check out these amazing exercises and equip yourself with all the necessary skills you need. Visit Bandar Bola and get all the boxing gadgets.