Gaming: What Is Its Good And Bad Impacts?

The video game industry has become one of the highest revenues generating businesses around the worldwide right now. People of all ages are now have become a fan of gaming. There are many video games console available right now in which you can play many different genre games. The last decade saw a boom in online gaming where players compete against other players to win a match.

But like any other things gaming also has its good and bad impact on the people. Let’s discuss some of them in this article.

Bad impact of gaming

Before looking at good impacts let’s check out some of the bad impacts of gaming.

  • Academic and health issues

Excessive gaming can negatively impact both the health and academics of the kids. Too much gaming will make the kids lose their interests in studies, and also continuously fixating their eyes on tv or computer screens can lead to their eyes becoming weaker and they can suffer from headaches.

  • Disconnected socially

If kids develop too much interest in gaming then they will not interact socially with others which will make them develop social anxiety which can be bad for them.

The good impact of gaming

  • Better decision making

Games are fast paced and online gaming requires players to make decisions in real time. If a player makes a bad call then it can severely affect their in-game progress. Therefore, it gives them the ability to make better decisions both in the gaming world and the real world.

  • Can benefit financially

Many online gaming tournaments offer huge prize money and if your kid is good at it then it can certainly benefit your family financially.

While there may be some bad impacts of gaming but with its growing popularity it certainly has more positives than negatives and at websites like Streaming bola you can find all the good impact of gaming that you can’t think of.