Get The Latest Gta 5 News And Explore The Toughest Missions

GTA 5 is one of the most played games and enthusiasts are always looking for the latest updates of the game. GTA 5 News is updated frequently by the developers as well as by online fans. New money-making missions have also been introduced, taking the excitement of its fans to the next level. New bonuses are also released for the gamers.

Did you play all GTA 5 missions?

There are about sixty-nine exciting missions waiting for you. There are three characters and one has to complete all the missions to successfully end the game. But all missions are not that easy and few have multiple endings. These heists are quite different from each other and the gamer has plenty to explore. For recent updates on the missions and game, online sites are available that provide complete GTA 5 News.

They are tougher than you anticipate

GTA Vice city- the Driver and Supply lines are very challenging missions, even for the best gamers. There are plenty of other missions that are difficult to complete but also depend on the caliber of the gamer in action. Generally, gamers find these missions as frustrating to finish. The Driver requires the player to win a street race against Hilary, who has a better car in comparison to the gamer. As such it is difficult to compete in the race; moreover, the cops are always there to hinder your progress. Supply lines mission is considered harder because of the rival delivery boys. And the gamer has to operate a plane which makes it strenuous for the player to concentrate on targets. But these challenges make the game more exciting.

If you have played all GTA online heists, you would have an idea of the challenges of these missions. For updates, one can visit GTA 5 News and get all recent updates. Which mission are you up to next?