Golf Ball For Different Types Of Skills And Age

It’s no secret that one of the key elements in having a successful golf career is choosing the right golf ball. Professional golfers sometimes use the golf ball they are using during practice on one of their tournaments. It gives them reliable feeling and confidence in making those shots as there are more familiar with the golf ball they are using. But, other golfers opted to separate the practice golf ball with the ones they plan to use on tournaments. Before the splurge on buying premium golf balls, they look first on some factors that might affect their decision making and preference.

One of which is the question whether they prefer soft or firm golf ball, for firmer golf balls, it will likely spin less than its soft counterpart. Any of the two covers a great distance so it’s just a matter of preference. Another factor they tend to look at is the cover material that was used to make a golf ball. Urethane offers the best spin control but comes with a hefty price tag. Now that we have talked about some factors in choosing a golf ball, let’s see if there are worth the price tag golf balls that are available in the market with this quick recap. Titleist offers their Pro V1 and Pro V1x. The latter is thinner than the Pro V1 by 3% thickness. TaylorMade on the other hand offers TP5 and TP5x where TP5 has softer feel and more spin than its TP5x counterpart. If you want a lesser spin profile, Callaway’s Chrome Soft X is the one for you. Those three brands are perfect golf balls for seniors. As golfers age, they might find difficulty in hitting golf ball so those three are perfect for golfers with age 50 years old and up.