Gotta Catch ‘Em All…Again

In less than one year, I will be 20 years old; I will no longer be considered a teenager. It is weird to think about it. Although I cannot stop time from moving on, I am still able to let the kid inside of me out every now and then. Back in March, I was able to let my inner child out when I bought myself a copy of Pokemon White! Now, I know what you’re thinking. Pokemon is typically viewed as a very childish game, so why on Earth would I be purchasing this at my age? The answer is simple; I grew up with Pokemon. It is one of many constants in my life. I have collected the cards, seen the movies, and played the games. In other words, buying this new game was a must! You can visit Random animals generator so that you can learn about all the in-game pokemons. The database is up to date and include legendary pokemons as well. It is really easy to navigate and you can share these stats with your friend.

What I loved most about Pokemon White, was all the little details Nintendo put the time into perfecting. The Pokemon actually moved throughout the entire duration of each battle, as day became night the game would get darker and different Pokemon would appear, and Nintendo even went as far as allowing the player to spit-shine their badges clean so they would sparkle and shine. These little details make games even more enjoyable for all players, especially me. This game also was the first game in the series to introduce triple battles! A triple battle is when you have three Pokemon against three Pokemon in a battle setting. These battles were definitely a great addition to spice up game play for the more experienced players or shall I say Pokemon Masters?

Although the small details and the new challenges and Pokemon this game brought were great, what really made this game the best game of 2011 so far, was how easily it made me feel like a kid again. This game allowed me to jump back into the world of Pokemon and do what I do best, enjoy myself. As a college student working long hours to buy books for the upcoming semester and studying to get the best grades, being able to sit back, relax, and lose myself for an hour or two a day playing this game is all I could ever ask for. If you have not gotten a chance to play Pokemon White or its counter game Pokemon Black, I highly suggest you give it a try and of course do your best to “Catch ‘Em All!”