Hands On Review: Usb Powered Desktop Air Conditioner

My reviews today have really focused on USB devices. This is because I was curious to find out what types of products are currently being released with the USB connection capabilities. It was to my surprise that I found a lot of cool gadgets that are going to be coming out or are already out. I recently covered the USB Beverage Cooler product that I purchased and it got me thinking. Curiosity led me to finding exactly what I was looking for, a desktop air conditioner. You can buy this mini air conditioner from https://www.priceza.com/b/electronics/air-conditioners/10000-20000-btu/32. You can even compare prices and features as well. There are several other gadgets that you can discover on this websites.

Here is my review on the desktop air conditioner that I was lucky enough to play around with at a local electronic store. Hopefully you find it useful in deciding if you want one for yourself.

This might not be the right time of the year to talk about a product like this. However, I felt that the desktop air conditioner was so handy and unique that I had to share it with you. We have seen companies release USB capable desktop fans in the past, but no one has attempted to release a desktop air conditioner before. The device operates as simple and easy as most of the USB related electronics work. All you have to do is connect the USB capable to your computer in order to get the desktop air conditioner working. The original version was powered by batteries but has received a handy update with the USB capabilities built into it.

All you have to do is put some ice into the desktop air conditioner. There is an easy to lift top that you simply flip open and place your ice inside of it. I found out that the air conditioner usually takes about two to three cups of ice to fill it up. Once you have filled the air conditioner up with ice, you are ready to roll. The little USB powered gadget will begin producing cold air in a matter of minutes. This is much better than having to rely on the air conditioner in your window to cool you down. The air from the desktop air conditioner will make you feel like you are actually sitting in front your window and enjoying the air. Once again the power of the USB connector provides us with a unique service.

My review of this product is that it totally rocks. In fact, I purchased one for $129. I thought that this price was rather reasonable seeing that most air conditioners fall into a higher ranger. Plus, you need to factor in the convenience you receive by having an easy to plug in air conditioner that can fit onto your desktop. You will be happy to know that it does not take up that much room. The best thing you could compare it to space wise is a desktop fan. They both take up about the same amount of room, but the desktop air conditioner is ten times better than anything else you will try. Prepare for the summer and purchase one right away.