Hoover H3060 Floormate Spinscrub 800 Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

Are you still mopping your tile floors the old fashioned way? Maybe you haven’t known this but the old ways of mopping is not exactly the right way to clean tile floors. All you did was spreading the dirt around and make it less visible. It’s still there but since it’s more “spread out” you can’t see them.
If you can spare $170 perhaps you should get the Hoover H3060 Floormate Spinscrub vacuum. It gives much better result than ordinary mopping along with german companies like aeg and bosch who have the best ‘staubsauger’ .


The Floormate Spinscrub 800 is quite easy to use. You still need to read the manual but the main idea is you should do the dry vacuuming first, followed by the wet vacuum and drying. Doing the wet vacuuming is easy, all you need to do is fill in the tank with water and cleaning solution, turn it on and start cleaning.

You can see the difference just after a few minutes running the Floormate. Brown grout turns into its original white color, footprints and dirt disappearing from the tile. If you see the dirty water container you will realize just how much dirt the unit is taking off your floor.

Squeaky clean tile floor is what you’re going to get after using the Hoover H3060 Floormate. You can try wiping a damp white cloth or tissue on the floor and you can see that there are no traces of stain on it.


Even though the name says Wet/Dry vacuum you should really use it for wet cleaning only and use another vacuum for dry vacuuming. For dry carpet and floors this unit is not too good.

The Floormate comes with grout brush which you can use to clean tile grout. The performance of the brush is not as expected. It can clean some moderate stains but not heavy ones. To make things worse the portable detail kit (with telescoping wand and swivel nozzle) for toilet cleaning is useless. It doesn’t work and it’s a hassle to use.

Taking off the dirty water container will require some practice. If you’re not used to it you can spill the dirty water all over your clean floor. You should practice when the container is empty or your floor will get very messy.


Using the Hoover H3060 Floormate Spinscrub is harder than using ordinary mop and it takes some practice to get it right. The reward, however, is huge. The final decision depends more on hate instead of love.

If you hate cleaning the tile floors while kneeling down and mopping them by hand (with the risk of injuring your knee and back) then you should consider the Hoover H3060 Floormate. But if you hate the idea of learning how to use this machine then perhaps the old fashioned ways of mopping is a better choice.