House Painting: Average Cost that You Must Know

Painting your home is a time consuming, costly project and labor-intensive. So making this yourself takes important planning and preparing. A house painting can cost significantly depending on the size of the house. Which you can estimate how many gallons of paint you will buy.  Also, painting costs depend on the type of paint. You must choose a color that has a high-quality feature so that it won’t fade quickly. Besides, if you hire a professional painter, it could cost you more money. House painting is a way to make your home good-looking. It could describe the characteristics of the homeowners.

Cost Of Exterior Painting

A starting point of around one thousand is a reliable betting for estimating the expense. For a house that has a 1,500 square foot. But if your home has many floors or has old paint that requires to be scraped, you can assume to pay more. Furthermore, once you identify the approximate square foot, you’ll need to paint. Remember that a gallon of paint usually covers within a 250 to 400 square meters. Also, the color of the paint can add to the expense.

Cost Of Interior Painting

An interior paint job is cheaper than the exterior painting. The average cost to paint the interior usually is three to five hundred per square meter. If you’re doing the walls, ceiling. It can cost you around four to six hundred. Also, if you need to repair a damaged wall before proceeding to paint, you’ll be paying extra. However, you may need a primer to enhance the paint. Another to be considered is the type of paint and color to choose from.


Wherever it may cost you more money on having a paint job. It is a good investment for you. Making your house presentable can give you excellent benefits. If you need a professional, the APMG Painting Melbourne is the one to be called.