How Is The World Finally Changing Its Views About Cannabis?

Marijuana has been considered as a recreational drug since ages. But what not many people are aware of is the fact that marijuana or cannabis has also been used for medicinal purposes since time immemorial. Nowadays, a major share of States within the USA is legalizing the use of marijuana. One can also find recreational marijuana dispensary perris that offers marijuana for recreational purposes or for marijuana edibles. By and by the world is starting to get aware about various medical benefits that cannabis has.

Myths and facts about cannabis:

  • Cannabis is dangerous. It is safe and carries therapeutic properties.
  • Marijuana cannot be used for medication. It has various medicinal properties which can be used to treat several physical and mental health conditions.
  • Cannabis is a “gateway” drug. However this is not true as cannabis does not cause a person to try other drugs.
  • Marijuana can damage brain cells. Rather it has some great neuro-protective properties.
  • Marijuana can cause cancer and schizophrenia. No studies have proved this fact. However medicinal properties of cannabis can be used to treat cancer and schizophrenia.

How acceptable is cannabis in today’s world?

For long marijuana has been considered a recreational drug all across the world. Medicinal uses of cannabis were known but the instances were few. However as research continues, there is more insight on the medical properties of cannabis. As a result, several countries and States in the US have started legalizing the cultivation and use of cannabis for medical purposes. Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Colombo, Cambodia, North Korea, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain are some of the countries to have legalized the use of cannabis.

Several countries like the US have decriminalized cannabis but not made it completely legal. However, people across the world are researching and investing on cannabis for its pharmaceutical uses.