How Plastic Usage Can Be Reduced ?

Recently as a part of a global movement their was a huge debate on utilizing the plastic straws. Plastic straws are non-biodegradable and they require around 200 years to degrade and the sad part is the plastic never gets degraded fully which means that it will never leave the ecosphere entirely.  Most of the straws used end up sailing in the oceans.

And this litter is mistaken for food by the marine animals, which when swallowed can be dangerous, they can choke them, can cause injury and can be fatal. Hence they are not at all safe and eco-friendly to the environment and its creatures.

So here are some of the ways how the use of plastic straws or other plastic material can be reduced :

  • Many a times it’s not necessary to use straws, one can drink right up from the cup. Or instead of the plastic straws one can definitely use paper straws bulk. Many companies or the fast food giants can try and develop lid that do not require straws.
  • Or one can surely opt for reusable straws where their will be no usage of plastic straws and everybody will be carrying their straws with themselves.
  • One can use the paper or reusable carry bags.
  • Make use of boxes or reusable bottles which are of course not made of plastic but of some other material
  • One can make use of glass, wood or stainless steel containers to store cereals, pasta, pulses etc.
  • One should avoid using plastic lighters rather should bring matchsticks into use
  • One should stop the utilization of plastic bags and instead should carry paper bags or jute bags to the market for buying vegetables and other groceries
  • Make use of razors with replaceable blades and not the disposable razors
  • Try and avoid buying frozen food because their packaging in of plastic

Hence if people will give upon the plastic straws it will be easier for them to give up on other plastic items.