How To Convert A Pdf File To Tiff File

Ever wondered what the full form of PDF is? It stands for Portable Document Format. PDF are documents that have text as well as images. This file format was developed in the 1990s. What makes it so unique is that it is not dependent on the application, operating system or the hardware of the system on which it is present. Special soft wares are used to view these documents on a personal computer or a laptop. And nowadays, they are even available on smartphones.

PDF files are specially used for the following purposes:

  • Documents where the original look and formatting needs to be preserved
  • Documents which are to be passed upon to a large number of people
  • They are specially used for online magazines, brochures, and journals

With the development of several software and hardware combinations, multiple file formats have come up. Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is one of them. This file format is also capable of storing the images as accurately as the other. But this type is specially designed for keeping raster images, which are composed of several colors carrying pigments which are called pixels. TIFF images can be easily modified and manipulated. They are used by people like graphic designers and visual artists. The drawbacks of this format are:

  • This format cannot be read in a Web Browser
  • This format is less secure as it can be easily manipulated
  • One cannot attach other files and folders with this format
  • This format is not suitable for printing

Individuals who are looking to convert pdf to tiff file free shall not worry. Just search the internet with the same. Multiple numbers of websites can help you convert your file by following a simple process. All you need to do is upload the concerned PDF file to the website and select the required format in which is to be converted, which is the TIFF format in this case. Just click on the convert button, and you are good to go. Download and save the file in the required folder.