How to Get Better at League of Legends Using Three Easy Principles

So you want to get better at the extremely popular and free game we know as league of legends? Here are some tips on how to do exactly that, and these tips can be applied to most online games with constantly evolving strategies. A game of Bandarqq may not need as much planning but you can still use these tips. Here is a short three idea guide on how to play better at league of legends.

1. Know your enemy

This is a hard concept for many people to actually grasp on to but it is a simple philosophy any none-professional gamer really should adhere to. Don’t play characters that have a shitty time dealing with people who do a less than ideal strategy. Here are some prime examples of what I’m talking about.

-You play ezreal (a skill shot based champion) so you lead your opponent or shoot behind him because you know a good player will dodge a direct shot

-Your opponent is bad so he doesn’t try to dodge your shot at all so you just end up missing

This will happen to you countless times and it will drive you insane, play characters that work against people who don’t use ideal play, such as ryze.

2. Don’t be a hero

Many times you will think “I can definitely get this kill, and I have a tiny chance of getting it and surviving, so I’m going to go for it!” WRONG. If you consistently trade deaths with people you will start undervaluing a death in a game, play the game logically and don’t die unless you know it is always going to play in your teams favor, not just yours.

Also you don’t want to try to attempt maneuvers you aren’t confident in doing yet, I know it is very boring to play it safe all the time, but really, deaths will inhibit your learning process and your performance in the moment.

3. Don’t talk trash

I’m sure you’ve died while typing before as everyone has, this really bites and is a great reason to start calling your opponents a bunch of ‘autistic monkeys’, even though it’s fun it’s in poor taste, may get you banned, and in general no one wants to play with a troll or a rager. You also don’t want to destroy a chance of playing with an enemy team member in the future; playing with people who you beat or have beaten you can be a great way to improve as you can discuss who did what wrong.

I hope this fast read will help you improve your play, the metagame may always be changing in this game, but the fundamentals for improvement will not, have fun in your lane and play it safe, don’t rage, and most importantly have fun.

PS. Never surrender in ranked as you always have a chance, don’t be one of those people who just quits over something as trivial as a first blood, its only 400 gold anyways! Goodbye and good luck online and stay far away from three versus three please!