How To Get Pure Dragon In Dragon City

In the old setting of the popular game Dragon City, pure dragons were the most unique and rarest dragons of all. This is because these dragons can only be obtained when you breed two legendary dragons together and hoping for the accurate and appropriate outcome. When the year 2013 came into the picture, new updates of the game have been introduced. Now, pure dragons can now be purchased in the store after completing or reaching a particular level of the game. There are 2 ways on how you can get pure dragons:

Obtaining Your First Pure Dragons

Getting your first pure dragon might be challenging at first but as you follow the necessary steps and procedures, you’ll be able to be successful on it. First and foremost, you should not attempt to get this through breeding. Since the new updates have been applied to the game, it is impossible to obtain a 100% pure dragon through breeding. Hence, the best thing to do is to purchase it from the store. However, before you will be able to see it in the store, you need to reach level 34 first. In addition, you should also get 15, million gold. This is because pure dragons range from this price. You can click to visit website  where you can see pure dragons prices and other information.

Breeding Pure Dragons to Make New Dragon Types

Technically, you can create new pure dragons by breeding pure dragons. However, you will need to follow certain formula or equation about how pure dragons can be created. While this is easier now because you already have a pure dragon through your purchase from the shop, you should never set aside the right formula and breeding equation for you to have a successful result.