Text messages has become a common means of communication for most people. Sometimes, we receive important messages through our phone via text, and forget to save them elsewhere, which makes accidental deletion of important messages all the more inconvenient.

Some smartphones, especially those that run Android, have apps that can backup text messages for recovery should anything go awry. But for those using iPhones, this may be more complicated as iOS security does not allow third-party apps to have full access to iPhone’s messages.

Fortunately, there are ways for us to recover accidentally deleted messages in an iPhone. Here is a list of ways on how to restore deleted iMessages from iPhone:

Restore messages through iCloud

iPhone users are allowed to backup data in their phones in Apple’s servers through iCloud. This includes photos, app data, and of course, messages. Should you accidentally delete an important message, you can access your iCloud backups and restore from an old backup file in order to retrieve it.

The only problem is, you will have to reset your phone to factory settings and restore the backup during the set-up in order to retrieve old messages. This means new data, media, or photos taken after the back up file will be deleted.

Retreive deleted texts messages through iTunes

Another way to back up and restore data from your iPhone is through iTunes in your computer. This method will not require any internet connection as the data is stored locally in your computer. It doesn’t also require storage availability in your iCloud account.

Like with the iCloud recovery, this method will also overwrite the current data stored in your iPhone with the old data from the backup file. It will require you to recover the backup during the set up of a newly-reset iPhone.