How To Use Cb Hook To Clean And Oil Sewing Machines?

Sewing machines are in use since ages and with the advancement in technology sewing machines also got advanced with new technological features. But regular use of these sewing machines can affect its workings so cleaning them ona timely basis can make them work smoothly for long duration of time. There are sewing machines that are best sewing machine for leather also require cleaning from time to time and for doing it you can follow the steps below.

How to oil and clean sewing machines?

You can also take your machine to an expert for tune-up and cleaning but there is some basic maintenance work that you can do yourself at your home to ensure its smooth working.

  • Firstly, turn off the power of your machine and unplug it from the power supply.
  • Remove the needle, stitch plate, and the presser foot and all the accessories that are removable.
  • Now, release the bobbin case from the hook by opening the bobbin door and gently lifting the level on it.
  • After that use the level on the left to release the race cover and the hook.
  • Now use a soft brush to clean your machine of the dust. Remember not to use air to clean it up as it will push dust particles further inwards in the machine which can ruin it.
  • After cleaning it properly apply a few drops of oil on the hook and place it in its position and use the handwheel to ensure the proper distribution of the oil.
  • Now place the new bobbin and reassemble all the parts after wiping them clean with a soft cloth. Your machine is now ready to be used.

It is better to keep cleaning your sewing machine from time to time so that it keeps on working flawlessly. You can follow the above points to clean and oil your machine easily right at your home.