If You Know Table Tennis, Does It Mean That You Can Play All Other Racket Games?

This question is very common in the minds of many people. If not a question, it is an assumption that every person has that all racket games can be played easily is you learn any one of them. They feel that because all these games use almost similar playing bats and tools, the process of playing too looks similar, then the skills of one game can also be transferred easily to play another. In this article, we will answer whether table tennis skills can be transferred to other racket sports.

More about tennis and similar types of sports

Tennis is a two-player game and is played by many people all around the world. Due to its popularity and craze among many people, the Game is listed in the gambling sites like AduQQ which are used by gamblers to bet on the live games. The game involves two players hitting a ball with a racket either on a table with a small ball (table tennis) or hitting a medium-sized ball with a large racket on a field (lawn tennis) provided that the ball does not touch or gets blocked by the net in the middle in both the platforms. Other games with similar notions are:

  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Racquetball

These games follow the same notion of tennis and it is the reason why some people question the transferability of skills and some people assume the transferability of the skills without reasoning.

Can the skills be transferred?

To be honest and practicable, the skills of table tennis cannot be transferred to other racket sports. This is because of many factors and the different weigh of the balls that the games cannot be played the same. There are many rules which are different in each case. The games also have different types of rackets that have different weights. Another main reason why the skills are different and cannot be transferred is that the wrist and arm posture of each game is different.