Is The “Smart Drug” Modafinil Making You Smart Quickly Or Dumb Slowly?

Famous among student preparing way too hard for competitive exams or similar stuff, modafinil is the most renowned drug that is supposed to make you robot-smart! I mean, the underlying reasons why this drug is consumed and liked by a lot of students are that if taken once, it gives them:

  • Indefinite power to focus and concentrate,
  • Boosts the brain and helps it remember and learn things quickly
  • Reduces sleepiness and fills them with energy
  • Fills them with confidence and motivation of success
  • Take stress and anxiety away from them!

That is what a student exactly needs, right? But all this comes costly as modafinil street price is comparatively higher! One pill of Provigil of 200 mg, whose main ingredient is modafinil comes for approx $2! Yes, this is the price for one medicine that works for some hours!

What are the effects of taking modafinil in the long term?

The vital thing to notice that one dose of such a seductive drug could be enough to get you addicted! Taking modafinil regularly could even stop showing the “good” results. For example, the drug is used to reduce sleep, but it could also be the reason behind insomnia! In addition to this, when you get dependent on the drug or if I may say addicted to the drug, there are chances that you see harmful effects when you try to drop it!

To conclude, this drug can be useful, but who knows when in the long run, it starts showing side effects and put you in unlikable situations! Do you know what would be a better option? Reaching out to family and friends for relieving stress! Also, one can practice yoga and meditation to naturally have all the qualities that this drug gives you for a limited amount of time!