Legalization Of Cannabis In South Africa

Cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed, is subjected to a lot of heated debates around the world regarding its legalization. While there are some countries legalizing the use of cannabis, there are some which are not and they brand it as a criminal offence to grow cannabis. Between these two areas there is something called a grey area i.e., some countries permit the growth of cannabis under restricted conditions i.e., it can be used only for specific purposes, like medical purposes, under strict restrictions and rules.

The case in South Africa

Recently South Africa declared that the usage of cannabis for personal purposes cannot be branded as a criminal offence. This decision came into effect after the apex judiciary of the nation identified the potential medical facilities of cannabis. It can be used to treat diseases and ailments like chronic pain. It is very interesting to know that cannabis can also be used to keep a check on the rapid growth of cancer causing cells. People who use cannabis claim that they are also able to sleep peacefully. This is due to the presence of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. The former helps in impacting the brain positively and the latter helps in providing relief to the brain, being one of the reasons why people feel high after doing weed.

Looking for legal cannabis in queens? However one must remember that consuming weed should be done very cautiously because overdose can lead to problems like loss of memory, lack of processing speed and poor learning capacities. So this means that cannabis is not something which is completely harmless. If it has to be used, it has to be used cautiously.

The research for discovering the medicinal properties of cannabis will not stop. This will continue and when it continues, there will be more questions and when there are more questions, there will be more answers.