Logitech Harmony: Review

Logitech’s myharmony is a universal remote that you can use within your smart home. You get a lot of options that you can control with this universal remote. You can connect it with your wifi or Bluetooth and control devices such as TV, AC, AV equipment, or anything that can be controlled with a remote.

Logitech is a brand name associated with credibility and innovation. This universal remote is what you can expect from them. This is a really good product that comes with coarse plastic rear and buttons with a defined click. You also get a 2.4-inch touch screen that gives you contextual information as shortcuts as well.

You also get a charging dock along with the box that you can use in order to charge the rechargeable batteries that you can charge with the help of the dock. Moreover, this dock is responsible for handling communications between the remote and devices that do not use infrared technology.

It is really simple and easy to install and sync these universal remotes. You get an that you can use for all these tasks. You can do all the installations and sync process through the app easily. This is a great upgrade from its previous generations as well, where the users had to connect the remote every single time they use it.

Once you are done with the installation you can even combine several steps into one. For instance, when you want to watch a movie. You can program the remote in such a way that it would turn on the TV and players and switch the TV to HDMI mode with a single click.

All these features make it a really good and useful gadget that can make your life easy. Moreover, you get to control your complete smart house with a single click.

The only downside to this remote is that you can not directly control ZigBee or Z-wave gadgets directly with this device. You are going to need a separate device and accessory in order to do so.