Manual Cleaning Or Self-Cleaning Electric Shavers

Nowadays, people are looking for ways and technologies to save time and to be efficient. In terms of personal grooming, electric shavers are one of the best invention brought by technology that allow men to shave their facial hair as fast and efficient as possible.  But just like a coin with two sides, electric shavers have two categories to choose from – manual cleaning and self-cleaning electric shavers. When buying an electric shaver, what is the best type to choose? This article will help you by going through the advantages of self-cleaning and manual cleaning electric shavers.


There are a lot of advantages in using self-cleaning station electric shavers. First, self-cleaning systems almost do all the work for you. It has the ability to charge, clean, dry and lubricate the shaver all by itself. You just need to place the electric shaver head down into the unit and push the button. It is also hygienic because it has the ability to be cleaned regularly. Lastly, using self-cleaning shaver will give you closer shave because its blades are in better condition because it is always being cleaned regularly.

Manual cleaning

On the other hand, manual cleaning shavers have also a lot of advantages and benefits.  One of them is the electrical ease. In general, electric shavers are not really hard to clean. You just need to use small and thin brush; lubricants and you’re ready to go. However, cleaning your electric shavers manually is time consuming and users tend to forget to clean their shavers due to a busy schedule. If you want to lean more about electric shavers, visit wrote about the best back hair shavers and other types of electric shavers as well. Over all, it is still advisable to choose self-cleaning electric shavers if you want to save a lot of time.