Online Games 101- A Brief Overview On Types Of Games

What is an “Online Game”? It is a video game which needs to be played completely or partly with the help of Internet. From PC to gaming consoles to mobile phones, you can play online games in all these platforms.

There are various types of online games. Here is a list of few kinds you will definitely come across if you are an avid player.

  • First-person Shooter Game

These games are conceptualized as a multiplayer one-on-one shooting game. The game “Doom” was the first to popularize this concept of a death match and since then there umpteen numbers of first-person shooter games have been launched. Some of the popular games of this kind are: Counter-Strike, Halo, Call of Duty-Advanced Warfare, Quake Live and Unreal Tournament. There are competitions held to play these games. Rewards range from cash prizes to upgraded hardware.

  • Massively Multiplayer Online Game

These games are solely dependent on the internet. With Massively multiplayer online game, one can play a game with multiple numbers of people from all over the world. Multi player games cover a huge variety as well. Some of them are MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, MMORTS or the Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy, etc. Bandar Bola, a poker game is a MMOSG or Massively Multiplayer Online Social Game.

  • Console Gaming

Xbox and PlayStation are the two most popular consoles which need special mentions when we are talking about console gaming. When Xbox was first launched in the year 2002, players could connect different consoles with the help of an Ethernet cable or router. Xbox Live Network allows the player to share a game through the internet and same goes for PlayStation as well who also have a personal network. Another network called the Nintendo Network fully supports you to play Nintendo online games.