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Shaving And Saving With The Help Of New Generation Double Side Blades!

Back when our grandparents were shaving they used scary looking knife like razors to shave called a straight razor. They did not get there shaving cream from a can some did not even use their hands to apply their lather. Instead they used a shaving brush but over time we adapted and the next big thing for shaving was the safety razor double sided blades put into a solid piece of well crafted metal and even go through elektrorasier test, which make it more safer. To our generation there intimidating, not popular, and quite painful to use but if used with the right technique and touch both these products can provide a man or women with a close irritation free shave.

How do they provide an irritation free shave you ask well consider this the razor you probably have in your cabinet probably contains 2, 3, 4 or even more blades. When you place that razor on your face you have those 2, 3, 4 etc. amount of blades scraping the hair from your face or legs. But then you look closer and you did not get all the hair so you make another 2 or 3 passes plus the pressure you have to put down on your skin especially if you have sensitive skin your skin will be ripped to shreds. You do not notice how bad you just tore apart your skin until the next day when your neck is broken out in red blotches and white heads or when you put on your after shave and you are in pain. Now with the safety razor/Straight razor there is only one stationary sharp blade. With that single blade and the weight from the razor itself you no longer have to put pressure and try to remove everything on your face in one swipe. Instead you shave your face in one direction such as from north to south on your first pass. Then shave from west to east/east to west or (ear to ear) on your second pass and on your third and final pass from south to north. Yes that’s right you can shave in any direction and not get any more irritation then you would if you shaved with the grain.

But be aware you must respect these razors because if you do not they will slice you up but with the right amount of practice you can do as I did with a safety razor and get it down to an art in a week. A week’s worth of tiny nicks was worth the numerous close smooth irritation free shaves I experienced after. How do you save money from shaving like this lets do the math. Today’s cartridge razor handle itself costs and average $10 but when you need to replace your blades is when you need to dish out the cash. A pack of 4or5 cartridges cost $20 or more. So you are paying about $5 per blade those blades will last you about a week each so after a month if you are lucky you have to spend another $20. So in one year you could be spending up to $240 on razor blades and refills.

Compared to the numbers of the razor and blades I just purchased online that is astronomical. A straight razor not the manly one that is like a sword but the kind that barbers are using around the world use that have replaceable blades. This type of straight razor eliminates the constant care and maintenance a classic straight razor requires. Anyhow I bought one for $8.45 so since no blades came with it I went and purchased 100 of the replacement blades for $3.93 that is less than what it cost for one multi-blade cartridge. So for $12.38 I am set on my razor blades for a couple months shop around you could probably get them cheaper than what I got them for good luck folks shave happy!

4 Tips To Remember While Choosing The Right Bitcoin Exchange?

A Bitcoin exchange is the platform where you can buy, sell or trade BTC coins. Are you too planning to trade Bitcoins and looking for an exchange?  That sounds good but before you sign up, it’s extremely important to get a market study on minimum 5-6 exchanges. Here is a list of tips you should keep in mind while choosing the right Bitcoin exchange.

  • Strong Security Assurance

Security should be your top most priority. Before you go for the exchange, make sure you know everything about your exchange site or the market place. For example, the URL of your chosen site must start with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”. HTTPS assures you secure login. Your chosen exchange must also promise multi-signature authentication and cold wallet storage for funds.

  • Fair and Reasonable Fees for Exchange

This is another vital point to remember here. Make sure you are not being charged heavily compared to the market price. The exchange fees differ from time to time or can also vary from exchange to exchange. The fees charged by your chosen exchange must tally with the market price.

  • High Market Reputation

Focus on finding a reputable exchange. An exchange should command good reviews and feedbacks from customers. You can always look up online to read more about any particular exchange or even talk about it with someone who has an experience with exchange.Please click for more info for a list of some of the well reputed and reviewed exchanges.

  • Assurance of Locked-In Pricing

Check out the time period that is required to receive the Bitcoin from the day of its purchase. Make sure that your exchange will offer a locked in pricing. It means that you will have to pay the exact amount as was decided on the day of your purchase even if your Bitcoins arrive late.

Logitech Harmony: Review

Logitech’s myharmony is a universal remote that you can use within your smart home. You get a lot of options that you can control with this universal remote. You can connect it with your wifi or Bluetooth and control devices such as TV, AC, AV equipment, or anything that can be controlled with a remote.

Logitech is a brand name associated with credibility and innovation. This universal remote is what you can expect from them. This is a really good product that comes with coarse plastic rear and buttons with a defined click. You also get a 2.4-inch touch screen that gives you contextual information as shortcuts as well.

You also get a charging dock along with the box that you can use in order to charge the rechargeable batteries that you can charge with the help of the dock. Moreover, this dock is responsible for handling communications between the remote and devices that do not use infrared technology.

It is really simple and easy to install and sync these universal remotes. You get an that you can use for all these tasks. You can do all the installations and sync process through the app easily. This is a great upgrade from its previous generations as well, where the users had to connect the remote every single time they use it.

Once you are done with the installation you can even combine several steps into one. For instance, when you want to watch a movie. You can program the remote in such a way that it would turn on the TV and players and switch the TV to HDMI mode with a single click.

All these features make it a really good and useful gadget that can make your life easy. Moreover, you get to control your complete smart house with a single click.

The only downside to this remote is that you can not directly control ZigBee or Z-wave gadgets directly with this device. You are going to need a separate device and accessory in order to do so.

How To Make Money On Hub Pages And Creating The Great Audience?

HubPages is an online publishing website similar to Squidoo. It started in 2006 and continues to grow and advertise for new writers. HubPages makes lots of claims that writers can make legitimate money from their site. And their claims are correct – if you have the patience and do not expect a windfall overnight.

This writer was a “hubber” (the nickname for a writer) in the latter part of 2007. Although I no longer write for HubPages, my 75 articles (called “hubs”) still continue to earn me money. I learned a lot about HubPages in my time there.

No More Upfront Payments

Hubbers who passed certain criteria used to be given an up-front payment ranging from $5 to $7 (US.) I was in this program, which no longer exists. Hubbers who received up-front payments had to write 15 articles per month only in the categories they are approved to write in. I’m not sure why HubPages dropped this program, but the Google “panda” algorithm certainly took away site revenue and shrunk HubPages’ budget.

But the good news is that your hubs stay up on the website and continue to earn through revenue sharing. You also own the copyright to your articles. The site layout is pleasant on the eye and gives your articles a magazine-type appearance – granted, a magazine with lots of ads. Hubages articles you are most proud of can be added to your online portfolio that you can show off to potential clients that do offer up-front payments.

Revenue Sharing

This is the main way for the average person to make money at HubPages. You cut out all of the hoop-jumping and post your hubs. You also need to set up accounts with GoogleAds, eBay, Amazon or whatever online ad service is offered. On the HubPages software, there is a place to easily put in revenue sharing “capsules”.

You not have control over what ads go up around your hub, but you can suggest keywords to make the ads more appropriate for the content mentioned in the hub. You make a few cents every time someone clicks on one of those ads. GoogleAds is generally considered the most lucrative of the “capsules”.

You can set up direct deposit information with Google. When your revenue share earnings top $100, they directly deposit the amount into your bank account. Over the years, this can be a nice little earner, although you won’t retire on the payments. My 75 articles continue to earn me at least $300 per year.

Social Media Online Marketing Campaign

E-commerce experts know that people go online for information. Most e-business websites contain many articles that somehow relate to their products but often do not have direct sales pitch. Many businesses also join social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon or Reddit, instagram in order to directly interact with their target audience and to gain more instagram followers, which is really beneficial for their business.  Partially through links to their articles set up on sites like HubPages. Tweeting your articles is a must. Be sure to take full advantage of Twitter hashtags to bring more readers to your articles.

HubPages provides an easy to use and very attractive site generated software that can help draw traffic to your e-business’ website and thus, gain paying customers.

From Credit to Debt

When we use the noun credit, we think about the millions of people that resort to various lending institutions and organizations each year. They all want or need to borrow money; many lacking the necessary financial resources to get by, build a house or purchase a new car. The relationship between credit and debt is complex, being based on a given set of rules and different factors.

There are many banks, credit unions, and other lending companies out there who offer credit to prospective clients. Some are actual government institutions, providing consumers with the exact sum of money needed in exchange of monthly payments. Subjecting to a loan or a mortgage, the consumer will have to support the entire cost of the acquired credit. Regardless of the chosen form, there are certain charges that are mandatory with any loan.

Whether you are interested in a credit card, personal loan, mortgage or car loan, you should know a few things about borrowing money before you dive into a loan head-first. Any credit loan is subjected to interest rates, borrowing fees and additional charges. The person who has taken the loan — the borrower — is responsible for repaying the credit and an additional sum. Of course, there are certain costs associated with a loan that are considered to be required. These are set by the lender or the institution that has granted the loan in the first place. There are additional optional charges that you may want to consider, such as loan insurance. Insuring your loan is optional and completely your decision, however, have this type of insurance saves you from defaulting on the loan in case of medical emergencies, death, loss of job, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Compulsory charges are generally presented to the borrower in the form of the annual percentage rate. Even if that person is taking a line of credit for the first time, the APR contains everything he/she needs to know about credit costs. Based on the annual percentage rate, the consumer has the possibility to compare between different lending institutions and organizations, being able to make a more informed choice. As for the charges that are not considered mandatory, these are not included in the APR.

As the connection between credit and debt is strong, many of the lenders are afraid to grant loans to people with credit card debt. This is not the only situation when someone could be refused when it comes to borrowing money. Bad credit has become a concept on its own, banks and other lenders always taking into consideration a person’s credit score. On the other hand, there is always the possibility to select debt consolidation loans, reducing the amount of interest paid and other additional charges. Many institutions also have a credit repair service, allowing borrowers to repay their debt gradually and thus improve the credit score. Trusted licensed money lending in Singapore is very common because it is mandatory for the money lenders to have a government license for the business and it is compulsory for them to charge fewer amount of interest over the allotted capital.

The credit score has been designed to represent the financial situation of the potential borrower. Used by all lenders, the credit score is calculated according to the information obtained from the credit bureau’s reports. By using all the data collected and calculating this score, one can determine the risks associated with offering that person a loan. No bank or lending institution will grant another loan to someone who has a very low credit score. They will tell the borrower that he/she does not qualify for the loan agreement. The credit score can also be used to determine the interest rate and specify the maximum amount of money that can be borrowed. The system is highly efficient and more organizations have started to rely on it.

Debt is not a pleasant thing to deal with. The important thing is that one does everything in his/her powers to repay the loan taken from the bank. Accumulating debt can result in serious problems, starting with bad credit, higher interest rates and even foreclosure in some situations. If you still find yourself in trouble with debt, and are having trouble repaying a loan, or making your credit card payments, you may want to consider some solutions like, bad credit loans, debt consolidation and credit repair services. Don’t be embarrassed to take advantage of these options, as they can really save your credit and help you to get back on your feet!

Truth About Bitcoin Trading Robots Crypto Traders Must Know

If you’ve been investing on cryptocurrencies for quite some time now, chances are, you’ve stumbled upon bitcoin trading bots before. They definitely sound alluring, aren’t they? They offer automated trading which is certainly helpful for any traders. You can even find one on this best site which many traders rave about.

But it’s understandable if you doubt these bots. After all, bitcoin trading involves risking your hard earned money on the hopes of gaining extra profit. That’s why you must know the essential things about bitcoin trading robots before using or dismissing them.

What you must know about Bitcoin Trading Robots

  1. What are these Bots for?

Bitcoin trading robots offer the benefits of automating the crypto trading process. It helps in analyzing data, and simplifying it for the user. Also, it allows the user to set parameters of ideal bitcoin signals. When the bot detect such signals, such as specific bitcoin value, the bot will automatically make the trade.

  1. Are these Bots Legit?

Based on the short description above, bitcoin trading bots surely sound too good to be true. That’s why many traders think these are mere scams on the crypto world. Truth is, there are dozens of these bots today. Some are real and efficient, some are real but unreliable, and some are plain scams. In other words, find legitimate and efficient bots to use.

  1. What to Remember while using one?

Now, you’ve found a good bot which seems reliable. Note to be responsible while using it. For example, don’t hastily deposit a large amount. Instead, start small and let it grow. Be sure to deposit an amount you’re willing to lose.

Also, note that crypto trading is always a risky venture filled with many pitfalls. Bots only simplify your trading, but it’s not 100% vulnerable to such risk. It’s still wise to be careful while using such helpful tool.

In short, bitcoin trading bots don’t guarantee you big earning from crypto trading. However, it promises to help you a lot by making processes much easier and convenient.

Can the Nintendo Wii Outsell the Playstation 2?

The Nintendo Wii is setting sales record. In just one year, the system has sold an astonishing 20 million units. But does the Nintendo Wii have enough legs to catch the Playstation 2, which at last count sold 120 million units? Let’s look at a couple of determining factors.

Why it will: the Nintendo Wii is already outselling the Playstation 2

The Wii is the best selling home console of all time. At this pace, it will take the Wii six years to reach the same sales plateau the Playstation 2 took seven years to reach.

Why it won’t: “the Wii is a fad” stigma

Despite selling like hotcakes, the Nintendo Wii is still considered a fad. The console is often viewed as to having substandard graphics and gimmicky motion controls. Having many shovelware games doesn’t help its perception either. Because of this stigma, many aren’t expecting the Wii to have a long enough life span to catch the Playstation 2.  The gamers in Playstation will be provided with consoleboost option. The console of the game will be in the hands of the person.

Why it will: non-gamers

They are called the “non-gamers.” These people have never touched a video game controller before nor will they ever be interested in one. Nintendo did the impossible and managed to tap into this market with games like Wii Sports. As a result, the Wii has a first-mover advantage in a market filled with unlimited potential.

Why it won’t: hardcore gamers

Studies have shown that hardcore gamers buy the most games. Aside from Nintendo games, the selection is slim for the pickings. Even worse, many third-party developers would rather put casual games on the Wii rather than games catering to the hardcore. Despite similar sales number, the Wii is far cry from the Playstation 2 in terms of hardcore games. The Wii has yet to win the hardcore crowd over.

Why it will: the Nintendo Wii is still selling out

More than a year after release, you still can’t walk in a store and buy one. The demand is still higher than supply despite the fact that Nintendo is producing more units than ever before. Although this could be both a blessing and a curse, the Wii will end up outselling the Playstation 2 as long as Nintendo can keep up the current stream (provided the demand keeps up).

Why it won’t: the Playstation 2 still selling

Eight years after release, the Playstation 2 is still selling and it shows no sign of slowing down. It is selling hundreds of thousands in the U.S alone. The Playstation 2 received a second gear, from of all places, the emergence of the non-gamers market.

Why it will: the Nintendo DS factor

The Nintendo DS is the portable equivalent of the Nintendo Wii. They go hand-in-hand. Its install base is astronomical and is growing just as fast as the Nintendo Wii. The number of converts from the Nintendo DS could be potentially huge.

Why it won’t: Nintendo Wii won’t malfunction as much as the Playstation 2

The Nintendo Wii is built solidly. That may be good for consumers but it will be bad in the sense of catching the Playstation 2 in sales. The Playstation 2, especially in the earlier days, suffers from the dreaded Disc Read Error. Although there are no solid numbers on the contribution of “replacement” systems have on the overall sales of the Playstation 2, it is definitely a factor.

Why it will: price point

The Playstation 2 launched at $299.99 while the Nintendo Wii launched at $249.99. Factor in inflation and the Nintendo Wii has a price advantage against the Playstation 2 at the same point in each console’s respective life cycle. Like the Playstation 2, expect the sales for the Wii to really take off once the price point reaches $199.99.

Why it won’t: tough competition

The Playstation 2 had no real threat compared to what the Nintendo Wii is facing. The industry is bigger than ever before with six video game systems ripping up the sales chart: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The market is healthy enough, even in a recession, to support all consoles. However, one got to wonder if the Nintendo Wii can gain enough market shares to catch the Playstation 2.

The Nintendo Wii has a lot going for it; at the same time, it also has a number of setbacks. There are simply too many wildcard factors in order to determine as to whether or not it will outsell the Playstation 2. We will just have to wait and see.

A Complete Guide On Choosing The Reliable VPN Service

At the time of picking the right VPN provider, you must ensure that it meets your requirements. The reason is that if you don’t do it, then there are chances to end up paying for the wrong one. Everyone uses virtual private networks for different reasons, and what is important to you might not be the same for anyone else.

It means you may not be able to find that kind of service in which you can get all the desired features. But, some of them are better than most of the available options. Here, in the post, we will guide you to select the reliable VPN service to secure your data from hackers. Let us discuss the aspects below.

  1. Location

You might want to choose the VPN service to change your location, then make sure that the service you select the support that location. Always ensure that the number of IPs and servers are there, the better will be for you.

  1. Logging and privacy

Many people use a VPN for securing their information, which means there is a need to look for logging. You have to ensure that the server does not store logs and provide a log less or zero log service. Some VPN providers say that they provide zero log service but keep the data stored in the form of bandwidth usage and connection times.

  1. Speed

The speed of a VPN service can break or make your experience. That is why you must choose that one which comes with high speed. Torguard is the best in terms of speed and privacy, and you can also Get Free Torguard Promo Code to avail of different discounts.

To summarize, this guide will help you in choosing a reliable VPN service. Don’t forget to look for technical and clientele features.


How to Start Blogging Successfully

Starting a blog from scratch is a daunting experience but it’s easy to get off to the right start by following these five simple rules.

  1. Develop A Niche

A blog without a focus is confusing and unappealing to readers. If you write about vastly different topics every day it’s almost impossible to develop a dedicated readership. Conversely, if you pick a specific topic and stick to it, you can quickly become a recognized expert in your field with a dedicated following.

Be it vegetarian cooking, Pakistani politics or electric cars, it’s easier to gain readers and keep them by restricting your scope to one area.

  1. Be Conscious of Keywords

Keywords drive traffic to your site and expose new readers to your blog through search engines. They’re one of the most useful tools for any blogger but you have to be careful not to overdo it.

Some bloggers stuff their content with a keyword every sentence but this decreases the quality of writing and while it may drive a viewer to your site it certainly won’t keep them there. A keyword density of about five percent is going to get your copy noticed by search engines at the same time it won’t damage the quality of your work.

  1. Use Your Social Network

Making use of your social network is key in starting a new blog. Using Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn to publicize your blog will deliver immediate readers to your site.

Your friends and colleagues know you, have similar interests and should feel comfortable giving you constructive criticism about your new blog. This makes them the perfect start-up audience for your writing.

Posting updates on Facebook and Twitter with links to new blog content is always and effective way to get people interested in your site and drive traffic to your blog.

  1. Start With Free Services

Don’t worry about servers, domain names and expensive hosting packages when you’re just starting out. Start blogging using free blog services like WordPress and Blogger. These will ease you into the blogosphere at no charge and let you experiment with the way blogs work.

Free services are fairly customizable and they’ll help you learn the basics of site design and html at no cost. google search bot is your best option in this case. You get most relevant information and tips that you can use in order to improve your blog’s quality.

  1. Be Active in the Blogosphere

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is by being active on other people’s blogs and making use of sites like Technorati or Digg. Post comments on other blogs and leave your URL behind with your posts as a sort of business card. If people like (or hate) what you have to say, they’ll click on your link and visit your blog.

Sites like Technorati and Digg make your site available to some of the most active members of the blogosphere. Achieve good ratings on these sites and you’ll get a huge boost in daily traffic.

It’s not easy starting a blog from scratch but following these five tips can help make your blog a successful member of the blogosphere.

Devil May Cry 4: Hands-on Preview

After a long wait, Devil May Cry 4 is finally close to completion. Originally a Playstation 3 exclusive, the game became a multiplatform title with an additional release on the PC and Xbox 360. Will the highly-anticipated title live up to the hype? Find out in this hands-on preview.


Devil May Cry 4 follows the story of two characters: the series protagonist Dante and the newcomer Nero. Although they look alike, their relationship is unknown. Despite that, fate has intervened and, for better or worse, their paths will finally cross.


Jumping on the next-generation bandwagon early has really helped Capcom in the visual department. Looking identical on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Devil May Cry 4 is one of the best looking games on any video game console. Plus, the game runs fast and smooth, essential for this fast-paced action game.


The sound is classic Devil May Cry: bad voice-acting full of cliché one-liners along with corny music. Although newcomers may not be amused by it, fans of the series will love its familiar charm.


A stylish action game, Devil May Cry 4 is all about defeating your enemies and looking as cool as possible doing it.

With exploration and puzzles kept to the minimal, Devil May Cry 4 forces gamers to survive one arena fight after another. Enemies in the game aren’t as aggressive as the ones in Ninja Gaiden; as a result, gamers can easily perform stylish attack combos.

Not to say the game is easy; it’s quite the opposite, especially for newcomers of the series. The bosses, in particular, pose quite a bit of challenge. However, the game is easier than the overly difficult Devil May Cry 3.

Like many other action games, you can power up your weapons and learn new moves. Red orbs, used as currency to improve your character, can be found in the environment and dropped by defeated enemies.

New to Devil May Cry 4 is the introduction of Nero and his Devil Bringer ability. You can now grab and throw enemies with Nero’s devilish arm. Despite the new addition, gameplay largely remain the same as previous games.

Devil May Cry 4 controls in the following ways:

Left Analog: Move

Right Analog: Aim and look

R1: Lock-on

L2: Power up sword attack

Circle: Use Devil Bringer

Square: Fire gun; hold to charge for more power

Triangle: Melee attack

X: Jump

Not mention in the controls section is the countless attack combinations you can pull off. Needless to say, Devil May Cry 4 looks cool and plays even cooler. There is a list of special moves on agen judi online terpercaya that you can learn. You can easily master all those special moves and tricks so that you can easily master Devil May Cry 4.

Final Product

In addition to Nero, gamers will also play as Dante. Overall, Devil May Cry 4 is expected to be the biggest game in the series with over ten hours of gameplay.

If you are expecting a complete overhaul in gameplay from previous games of the series (a la Resident Evil 4) than you will be disappointed. For others, the game is shaping up to be one of the best action games for next-generation consoles.

Devil May Cry 4 will be released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in February. The release for the PC version has yet to be determined.