Paper And Printing Myths That Needs To Be Busted

Business is not an easy task. For setting up a business one has to go through plenty of problems and obstacles like huge cost and capital, human resource, machines and material and the techniques. So to be successful in a business one has to stand straight and strong to respond to all of these obstacles. Also there are many misinterpretations and myths about the business world. There are many misconceptions about utilization of paper and print. The ones who are working on a digital platform misapprehend the sustainability of paper and color printing.

So here are some myths on paper and printing that will be busted :

  • Myth 1 –

Paper manufacturing is the major cause of global greenhouse gas release.

The paper, mash and print segment is one of the most minimal mechanical producers of greenhouse gasses, representing 1% of worldwide ozone depleting substance (GHG) emanations.

  • Myth 2 –

Print and paper is all wasteful.

Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world and double sided print on a paper in the office will minimize cost and sustain the nature. 

  • Myth 3 –

Electronic platform and electronic communication is more sustainable and environment friendly than paper based communication

Electronic platform also hold some environmental impacts. Nowadays the slogans like ‘Go Paperless’, ‘Save trees’, ‘Go Green’ etc. are in huge trend but does going paperless is the only need to save environment. Paper is an extraordinarily sustainable and supportable item. The fundamental crude material, wood, is developed and gathered in a cautiously controlled and supportable way, hence its sustainable. But the digital platform is equally responsible for environmental impacts, the ICT industry is responsible for approximately 2% of global emissions.

Hence all the myths are busted that printing and producing paper is not causing much of a problem to the environment.