Personalized Name Ornaments Will Be Ideal For Your Wedding Anniversary

Are you planning to gift something unique to your partner this wedding anniversary? If you’re at a loss for what special gift to buy, here is a fabulous option: personalized jewelry. Is it the first time you’ve heard of this? For a basic idea, personalized name ornaments are nothing but jewelry pieces which bear the name of you/your loved one on it. It can either have the full name, or just the initial, depending on the type of jewelry and your preferences.

Types of personalized name ornaments for wedding anniversary:

  1. Personalized love bands

Love bands mostly come in precious and semi-precious metals, with or without diamonds. You can choose to emboss your loved one’s name on the love band, or carve the initial of your names on rings. These make the gift even more thoughtful and special. Love bands are often sold in pairs, one for the man and the other for the wife. You can place order for a pair of customized love bands for your spouse and self. Such rings or bands can be worn throughout the day, through work and party, and become a part of life.

  1. Personalized bracelets

Similar to love bands, there are bracelets for couples sold in pairs. You can easily choose to engrave both your names on the respective bracelets as a special gift on your wedding anniversary. Bracelets make for great options because they are loved by both men and women. Bracelets can be worn all the time or occasionally, according to the preference of the wearer.

  1. Personalized pendants with chain

While women love adorning pendants, only a section of men would want to don one. If you and your spouse like wearing pendants, you can get name pendants for both of you as a gift on your anniversary.