Qualities Of A Good Protein Supplement

If you’re already in the fitness industry, odds are you already know the importance of protein in your diet. It is a frequently used, and one of the most important terms in the health and fitness industry.

Protein in found in various foods that we eat, and with a boatload of options available to us, it is easy to get confused about what protein source we should use to maximize our lean protein intake. To help you access a protein source faster and without any hassle, we’ve compiled a brief list of some qualities that you should be looking for in a protein supplement. Make sure to check out reviews of top formulas for muscle growth online before making any final decision.

It Should Be Low in Sugars

While we all like the sugary taste of some available protein flavors, it is better to avoid selecting the flavors that are high in sugar.

The best thing you can do is select a low or on sugar protein supplement, and if you’d like more sugar on a particular day, you can add fruits like banana to increase the sugar and enhance the taste.

High Protein Per Serving

When you’re spending on a protein supplement to boost your muscle growth, look for the one which has the highest percentage of protein per serving.

Remember that to trick you, protein brands use different serving sizes, for example, if one protein says 20 grams of protein per 25 grams of the supplement, the competitor might use bigger values like 30 grams of protein in 50 grams of supplement to trick you into believing that they are providing more protein per serving. While in reality, the first one is providing more protein (80%) per serving than the latter (60%).

Lower Calorie Count

For the people looking to loose weight, protein supplements with lower amount of calories per serving are the best. However, you can gi for the higher calories options if you’re looking to replace the meals with protein supplement.