Shaving And Saving With The Help Of New Generation Double Side Blades!

Back when our grandparents were shaving they used scary looking knife like razors to shave called a straight razor. They did not get there shaving cream from a can some did not even use their hands to apply their lather. Instead they used a shaving brush but over time we adapted and the next big thing for shaving was the safety razor double sided blades put into a solid piece of well crafted metal and even go through elektrorasier test, which make it more safer. To our generation there intimidating, not popular, and quite painful to use but if used with the right technique and touch both these products can provide a man or women with a close irritation free shave.

How do they provide an irritation free shave you ask well consider this the razor you probably have in your cabinet probably contains 2, 3, 4 or even more blades. When you place that razor on your face you have those 2, 3, 4 etc. amount of blades scraping the hair from your face or legs. But then you look closer and you did not get all the hair so you make another 2 or 3 passes plus the pressure you have to put down on your skin especially if you have sensitive skin your skin will be ripped to shreds. You do not notice how bad you just tore apart your skin until the next day when your neck is broken out in red blotches and white heads or when you put on your after shave and you are in pain. Now with the safety razor/Straight razor there is only one stationary sharp blade. With that single blade and the weight from the razor itself you no longer have to put pressure and try to remove everything on your face in one swipe. Instead you shave your face in one direction such as from north to south on your first pass. Then shave from west to east/east to west or (ear to ear) on your second pass and on your third and final pass from south to north. Yes that’s right you can shave in any direction and not get any more irritation then you would if you shaved with the grain.

But be aware you must respect these razors because if you do not they will slice you up but with the right amount of practice you can do as I did with a safety razor and get it down to an art in a week. A week’s worth of tiny nicks was worth the numerous close smooth irritation free shaves I experienced after. How do you save money from shaving like this lets do the math. Today’s cartridge razor handle itself costs and average $10 but when you need to replace your blades is when you need to dish out the cash. A pack of 4or5 cartridges cost $20 or more. So you are paying about $5 per blade those blades will last you about a week each so after a month if you are lucky you have to spend another $20. So in one year you could be spending up to $240 on razor blades and refills.

Compared to the numbers of the razor and blades I just purchased online that is astronomical. A straight razor not the manly one that is like a sword but the kind that barbers are using around the world use that have replaceable blades. This type of straight razor eliminates the constant care and maintenance a classic straight razor requires. Anyhow I bought one for $8.45 so since no blades came with it I went and purchased 100 of the replacement blades for $3.93 that is less than what it cost for one multi-blade cartridge. So for $12.38 I am set on my razor blades for a couple months shop around you could probably get them cheaper than what I got them for good luck folks shave happy!