The Basic Guiding Rules You Should Know For Playing Volleyball

Volleyball is definitely a game that thrills both whether it is the players or the viewers. Any game is guided with its certain rules that make the game unique. Other than this these rules serve as the system through which the winning team is decided. Whenever the rules of the game are violated it results in either negative score or a foul. The similar pattern is followed with volleyball, it is based on certain rules which all the players should know to play well.

What are the basic rules of volleyball?

The following rules in the game of volleyball are followed globally while playing the game:

  • There are a total of six players in the game at a single time. This includes three in both the first and back row.
  • The players get three hits among both the sides.
  • A point is awarded serve of the winning team each time. This is the rally point-scoring.
  • The player cannot hit the volleyball twice in sequence.
  • A ball which touches the boundary line is considered as an in.
  • There is no restriction over the players to hit the ball with any part of their body.
  • The players cannot catch the ball, throw it or hold it.
  • The front line players interchange their positions after the switch.
  • To block the serve or attack it, it is mandatory for the players to be outside 10-foot lining.

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