The Video Game that Made Me a Gamer – World of Warcraft

Everyone has heard about World of Warcraft, even those who don’t play games. This game, usually referred to as WoW, is used for mocking my fellow gamers for being nolifers and nerds. I’ll just say I made some very good friends while playing this game. Oh and another thing – I’m a girl.


How everything started – Let’s play WoW later and do some dungeons!

My gaming days started back when I was still a kid. One of my first games was Super Mario Bros., and over time I switched to Unreal Tournament, which was a great way to blow off some steam. I also always had at least one fantasy RPG installed on my PC. As years went by, I kind of forgot about gaming. When I went to college, I rediscovered gaming thanks to people who eventually became my closest friends. One day, just before we all went to our homes after a coffee meet, one of them said: “Let’s play WoW later and do some dungeons.” This is where it all started. A friend of mine showed me his characters, and that was the first time I saw World of Warcraft. I wanted to play it right away. It had fantasy creatures, magic and absolutely stunning environment design. It was released in 2004 and has been substantially expanded since that time. If you are just starting as I was back then, the official WoW website will be a good starting point for you.

What can you do in World of Warcraft?

Well first of all, you have to level your character. Leveling was quite fun, as I learned the basic game mechanics and what my character could do effectively. When I first started, I couldn’t imagine anything being more fun than leveling with a few friends and doing dungeons, but I was dead wrong. The real fun begins after you hit the level cap. I started playing when The Burning Crusade expansion was up, with Cataclysm being the latest expansion; I’m still a regular player and do raids with my guildies while we joke around on Teamspeak all the time. People of all ages play this game, and even elderly people enjoy their stay in the world of Azeroth.

Going further: new expansion and new zones

Blizzard has announced a new WoW expansion called the Mists of Pandaria, with many websites closely following news and development of this expansion. Another race called the Pandaren will be introduced into the many playable races of Azeroth, but player reactions were rather divided when the new race was confirmed. I don’t mind the new expansion since taking a turn into a new direction could make things very interesting. The latest preview trailer speaks for itself, showcasing enhanced graphics and beautiful details that will bring more people into the game.

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