Traeger And Pit Boss Grills: Pros And Cons

Pit Boss and Traeger are biggest companies that manufacture grills and it can be a difficult task to select one of them. This is a traeger vs pit boss article and here are a few pros and cons of both of them so you can make a better choice.



  1. The temperature controls are amazing. You can control the heat levels like you can control an oven. This is a very rare quality.
  2. The flavor that Traeger adds is just beautiful. It is not a full smoke flavor but it is just enough to give you a blissful gist.
  3. No worries as the temperature controls are great and you don’t have to go and check on it or keep poking it.


  1. It is expensive to use as you need to use official Traeger Pellets for best results and safety.
  2. It can reach around 500 degrees and if you need a red-hot grill then this isn’t for you.
  3. It is electric so you need to be near a socket to plug it in.
  4. Some recipes need to be adjusted on Traeger and this can be annoying for some users.

Pit Boss


  1. Adjustable temperature.
  2. Durable as the body is made of steel.
  3. Portable
  4. Ample cooking space of 700 sq. inches.
  5. Easy to use
  6. Capable a lot of cooking needs


  1. It takes over an hour to assemble it.
  2. In cold areas the temperature fluctuates and that can be very annoying.
  3. The back vents release heat.


These were some pros and cons of both the brands and if you consider these, it will be easier for you to choose the one that is best for your grilling needs.