Trick Questions Asked By Your Girlfriend to Test You

It is common for your girlfriend to ask tricky questions. These questions can mean several things. She might just be asking for your opinion about things. And this is because she places worth on your thoughts. She can also be fishing for details to see if you slip, and this is the point where you need to tread lightly. If not, then it’s going to be a disaster. Trick questions are fun too. Below are everyday things that your girlfriend will ask you in any given situation.

Questions About Her Appearance

Do you think that gown looks good on her? Or what do you think of her new hairdo? Do you think those pieces of jewelry are quite big for her? Do you think she looks fat right now? These are a few of the questions you can hear. But yes, these are trick questions. She will know if you are honest or not. Girls can tell. For example, if she asks you something like, “Have you noticed something new in me?” Assuming you don’t know can suggest you’re not paying attention to her. Saying the wrong things can mean you don’t care. And these can spoil the moment for the two of you. So think carefully before you answer.

Questions About Other People

What can you say about my friend Rita? Do you approve of her? And this can mean two things. Either you are interested in her friend Rita, or if not, you dislike(or accept ) of her friend.

Parting Shot

Trick questions can come up anytime. But here’s the deal. If you both are in a healthy relationship, then you don’t need to worry about your response. After all, you have developed mutual trust, and nothing can break it. Not even a trick question. Don’t forget to use WhatsApp to know WhatsApp girl real number.